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Connecting with Heaven – Angels, Guides, and Loved Ones Workshop

Saturday, June 28, 2014
If you like the Long Island Medium, then you will LOVE this event!

Cynthia Shepherd has an amazing ability to connect with a person’s guides, Angels, (soul) higher self, transitioned loved ones, (even pets), and the heart of humanity. She is a universal communicator who has a deep desire to help all hearts to connect with the love of the Divine and to find true joy.

She has taught courses on how to bring peace into your life, how to manifest using spiritual laws, how to build divine-union relationships, and now she feels called to share the wisdom of heaven. If your heart has been crying out for something more than the world has offered so far, this is your opportunity to find Heaven’s answers in a new way.

This half-day workshop with Cynthia will include:

  • channeled wisdom from the Divine for the entire group
  • the opportunity for each class participant to ask Heaven any questions you hold in your heart
  • guaranteed personal messages for each class participant from the Angels and your loved ones who have transitioned to the light

In addition, at this transformative workshop you will learn:

  • the role of the heart
  • how we are all connected
  • the keys of the heart
  • wisdom heaven wants you to know
  • messages about your life purpose


Universal Communicator: Cynthia Shepherd

The Retreat on the Lake

Plymouth, MN location
Find the event schedule details HERE


The Wisdom of the Heart Series – Second Friday of Each Month  at The Metamorphosis Center


Location: The Metamorphosis Center 1301 East Cliff Road, Burnsville, MN 55337

Molly Friedenfeld is a Teacher of Light, author of The Book of Simple Human Truths and creator of Violet Wisdom Radio. Molly guides others to discover their life purpose by accessing the wisdom of the heart, walking with Angels, and allowing each soul to arrive at the understanding that there is no such thing as a coincidence; everything is divinely guided behind the scenes to provide endless synchronicities throughout our days.

July 2014


August 2014


September 2014


Find all The Wisdom of the Heart Series Workshops at

Find more In-Person and Online workshop events here:

 Find real-life stories and pictures from students who have attended these classes and the magical and inspirational Angel stories and pictures they are sharing with the world after applying what they have learned!




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