The Significance of Your Name

Molly Friedenfeld Peace

(Molly Friedenfeld – “Frieden” means Peace, “Feld” means land)

The Earthly Angel Show (Radio)

Host: Molly Friedenfeld

In this teaching episode Molly Friedenfeld will talk about:

  • The significance of your name
  • The importance of stepping into the positive energetic essence of your name
  • How to look up the meaning of your first, middle, and last name
  • The reason why our names contain clues as to our life purpose mission
  • Why using a nickname can change its energetic essence

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When a soul places the desire from the heart and states to the Universe… “I want to see everything. I want to feel everything. I want to hear everything.” The Angels will answer your request of goodness and it shall be so.

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Molly Friedenfeld FloridaMolly Friedenfeld is a Teacher of Light and Angel of Light coach dedicated to inspiring the hearts and minds of others to unite and honor the light within every soul, illuminate the way with light and inspiration, spread goodness across the earth, and let all souls know this TRUTH — they are never left to wander alone and dearly loved.

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Anything Negative is Not Positive

Bumble Bee Friedenfeld
Today’s Message of Light…
 Anything negative is not positive.
If a negative thought enters your mind tell it immediately to BUZZ off!
This allows you to…
Think about only positive things you want for yourself and others.
Speak of only positive things you want for yourself and others.
Visualize only positive things you want flowed before yourself and others.
Keep it simple. Keep it positive. And it shall be so.


Teacher of Light
Molly Friedenfeld
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