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Think Happy

The Earthly Angel Show

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Host: Molly Friedenfeld

Podcast Topic: Bee Happy! Bee Joyful! – Faerie Wisdom

In this Earthly Angel Show inspirationcast episode Molly Friedenfeld will teach you simple ways on how to:

*”Bee the light!” – connect with Faeries
*Find gratitude in every thing
*End the addiction to negative thoughts and the fear vibration
*The I Am power walk mantra
*Create a Gratitude Tree – A Project of Light
*The Wishing Tree – A Project of Light

Extending Gratitude Toward Friedenfeld



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Be the change. Be the light!  We are humanity part of the golden tapestry of light!Peace and Love,

Molly Friedenfeld

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Molly Friedenfeld Pixie pictureI wonder what magic or miracle I will encounter today!

Molly Friedenfeld is Teacher of Light, Inspirational Speaker, Angel of Light coach and reader, author, and Ordained Minister. She lives in Apollo Beach, Florida and is connecting with Earthly Angels across the world and creating a network of light! and

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