Something Smells Fishy

Fish on ice Spain2 Friedenfeld
(Fish on ice Barcelona, Spain)
Today’s Message of Light…

We use many sayings to “out” deception: “I smell a rat,” “I think something is brewing,” and “Something smells fishy.” Each of these statements implies, “I don’t see the deception yet, but I can tell something is going on.” Untruths are untruths. The telling of untruths is an act of betrayal. When we are told an untruth by another it creates separation by creating the atmosphere of distrust between souls. The telling of untruths goes against the promise of the soul and that is to honor all souls and be truthful with our words during our journeys here. One of the ways we show honor to another is by being a person that honors our words and our bonds. This is why since the beginning of time the simple statement, “I give you my word,” has held such power because it is a statement that originates in the heart that means in the simplest of terms, you can trust me.

Lies are like anchovies in a Caesar salad.
You may not be able to see them, but your soul knows they are there.

Teacher of Light

Molly Friedenfeld
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Ancient Wisdom = Pure Truth

The Queen Sign Petrified Forest
(Ancient Redwood Tree in the Petrified Forest – Calistoga, CA)
Today’s Message of Light…

To me, the word wisdom means ancient knowledge. It’s center-of-the-earth deep. It’s center-of-the-earth pure. Compared with this wisdom, the knowledge humanity has come to trust and believe in is surface oriented and constantly being revised. One can scratch away human knowledge easily with the toe of a boot to reveal the impurities that lie just beneath the surface. Pure wisdom is gained through the seeking of deep, pure truth. This wisdom is constant; it is never distorted, reshaped, or pieced back together to fit a mold specific to a culture or its people. It’s the kind of wisdom you feel when you place your hand on the bark of a giant Redwood tree that has sent its roots deep into the ground for thousands of years. When you encounter ancient wisdom you can feel its truth in the center of your heart and through every cell of your body. This is the truth you can trust.


Teacher of Light

Molly Friedenfeld
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Keeping it Simple

Heart bench Petrified Forest Friedenfeld
Today’s Message of Light…

We come to the realization of the heart that it is time to change when we become addicted to fixing problems instead of proactively finding solutions. When we allow the heart to guide us we change in positive ways. One of the first things we find is we begin to say “yes” to simplicity and “no” to unnecessary complexity.  This allows us to take the next step and that is to begin embracing all the wonderful things that reside in the space of simplicity. Peace is simple. Joy is simple. Love is simple. Truth is simple. How simply wonderful is that?


Teacher of Light

Molly Friedenfeld
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Work in Progress

Today’s Message of Light…

We human souls are a work in progress. Each today brings forth a new opportunity to learn something that you didn’t know yesterday, and this process helps create in you a better person for your tomorrow.

(From page 12 – The Book of Simple Human Truths)


Teacher of Light

Molly Friedenfeld
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The Book of Simple Human Truths

“There is always a TRUTH to be revealed in any situation where your emotions have shifted.”

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True Hearts Around the World

Join the TRUE HEARTS as we unite and spread Peace, Joy, Love and Truth around the world!

The heart-shaped roots we plant deep in the ground during our mission’s humble, love-based inception allow our love to flow up and out freely; this love creates a magnified movement of many bringing peace, purpose and spreading kindness, joy, love and truth across the earth. We will continually update our global map to show the spreading of kindness by the True Hearts – which are the Lightworkers sharing their energetic pillar of PEACE, JOY, LOVE and TRUTH around the world.

Click here for a detailed interactive map showing the growing
True Heart movement around the world:


Click on the TRUE HEART locator pin on the map to see the
energetic pillar each soul is bringing to the planet!

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Here are just a few of the TRUE HEARTS that are Lighting up the Planet
by infusing their energetic pillar into their work and inspiring change in positive ways.
Name and Location in the World

Athena Bellas Melbourne, Australia
Mary Bellas Melbourne, Australia
Sue D. Los Angeles, California
Michael J. Copenhagen, Denmark
Misty Jo Suchy Minneapolis, Minnesota
Kimberly T. Sewell, New Jersey
Maddy F. Lawrence, Kansas
Patricia C. Scottsdale, Arizona
Cynthia Shepherd Minneapolis, Minnesota
Darcy Johnson Des Moines, Iowa
Laurie Langer  Columbia Heights, Minnesota
Teri Wood South Otselic, New York
David Keyes St. Paul, Minnesota
Melita Franzen Orlando, Minnesota
Tina Saelee Sylmar, California
David Stennes Minneapolis, Minnesota
Connie Gundy Minneapolis, Minnesota
Becky Carver St. Paul, Minnesota
Teri Knight Northfield, Minnesota
Amelia Mata Brooklyn Park, Minnesota

Athena B.- JOY  Infuses JOY in the food she creates & shares.
Mary B.- JOY  Also infuses LOVE in all that she does!
Sue D.- JOY Infuses JOY in her handmade leather goods.
Michael – TRUTH  Dispenses TRUTH and wisdom.
Misty S.- JOY Infuses JOY in her handmade jewelry goods.
Kimberly T. – LOVE Infuses LOVE in her work as a school teacher.
Maddy F.- LOVE Shares LOVE donated hair to “Locks of Love.”
Patricia C.- LOVE Infuses LOVE in her writing.
Cynthia S.- PEACE Infuses PEACE in her life coaching and spiritual art.
Darcy J.- PEACE Infuses PEACE she is a “Weaver of Peace.”
Laurie L. – TRUTH Infuses TRUTH in her intentional jewelry products.
Teri W. – LOVE Infuses LOVE in assisting others with life skills.
David K. – PEACE Infuses PEACE and light in his photography.
Melita F.- TRUTH Infuses TRUTH in her spiritual healing & teaching.
Tina S. – TRUTH Infuses TRUTH in her hypnotherapy & teaching.
David S. – PEACE Infuses PEACE in helping simplify lives.
Connie G. – LOVE Infuses LOVE assisting seniors.
Becky C. – LOVE Infuses LOVE mentoring & teaching women.
Teri K. – JOY Infuses JOY on her gardening radio show & work.
Amelia M. – TRUTH  Infuses TRUTH assisting souls with home care.
Sally L. – JOY Infuses Joy in her Fairy and Hobbit house workshops.
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