The Way of Light

Why is this blog named Violet Wisdom?


Violets are the inspirational visionaries, leaders and teachers of light who are here to help hundreds, thousands, or Violet Flower Friedenfeld 3millions of souls. Most Violets feel drawn to educate the masses, to inspire higher ideals, to improve the quality of life here on the earth. The color violet represents honor, virtue, valor, nobility, purity, truth, wisdom, forgiveness and unwavering faith. The violets are the Guardians of Light – the souls who are brave, step forward, speak the truth, and change the world.


To me, the word wisdom means ancient knowledge. It’s the kind of knowledge you not only see but feel. Wisdom is knowledge that is deep, and everlasting. It’s center-of-the-earth deep. It’s center-of-the-earth pure. It is this wisdom we access when we are centered deep within our pure heart. I created Violet Wisdom to connect with the heart of souls around the earth to spread peace, joy, love, truth, goodness, and honor.


How Can I Become an Earthly Angel?

It’s simple. Live from your heart. Honor the light within every soul, including your own, and spread goodness and light wherever you go! And, before you know it you will begin to raise your vibration, connect with Angels, and grow your own beautiful wings. When we connect with Angels we step into our divinity and become one of the Earthly Angels responsible for creating Heaven right here on earth.

What is The Way of Light?

Honor, love, peace, truth, and joy are all achieved when we connect with our heart. Our heart is where our inner Angel The Way St Bartolomew Church Spain Friedenfeld2light resides. When we connect with our light and shine it forth like a beacon in the world by sending out our light with a message that says, ‘Please connect your heart with mine.'”  This is why people make statements such as, “She can light up a room with her sunny personality,” or “I just love being around her.”  People may also make statements regarding someone who has dimmed their light such as, “He brings a dark cloud with him to work each day,” or  “No one likes being around him.” 

When we connect with the hearts of humanity by spreading the light we make changes in the world positively!

Who are The Guardians of Light?

We are The Guardians and Beacons of Light spreading The Way of Light; the four pillars of humanity — peace, joy, love, and truth across the earth.

I believe we are now living in the era of light. We are being asked to live with transparency and truth. We are being St Bartholomew Sitges Spain Friedenfeldasked to speak the truth when we see something that is dishonoring ourselves or another soul in any way. A Guardian of light steps forward to protect the light.

If there is something unjust in the world
those who have the wisdom and ability to take action,
have the responsibility to be brave, step forward, and take action.
It is an honorable charge to shine the light
and stand up for what is true, just, and right.

“We are not asked to be perfect.
We are asked to make a difference.”

Why is simplicity so important to you?

Many of life’s treasures remain constant in the state of simplicity-a lesson I learned when I began my journey in search of ancient wisdom. When I moved from my head down to my heart, it became clear: Peace is simple. Joy is simple. Love is simple. Truth is simple. It is from the benevolent space of the heart that one comes to the realization that we are all divinely connected-that we are all ONE. When we realize we are here on earth to grow our souls, we begin to look beyond ourselves, and we come to know this truth: What is for our highest good is also for the good of all. When we act upon this knowledge, we become difference-makers, and we inspire others to find unique ways to spread around this newfound peace, joy, love and truth-transforming souls far and wide.

Peace and Love,

Molly Friedenfeld


“There is no heart that beats in a human being or earthly creature that does not respond positively to love and kindness. It is simple kindness that paves the way for love to flow in freely and land upon a weary heart.”

~Molly Friedenfeld

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