Becoming an Earthly Angel Book

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Find The Earthly Angel Radio Show on Spreaker! A broadcast with Molly Friedenfeld featuring teachings from the book Becoming an Earthly Angel.

Find the radio show page here: The Earthly Angel Show

Becoming an Earthly Angel (Now available in paperback!)

Molly Friedenfeld’s latest book will teach you how to connect with your heart, create a personal relationship with your Angels and become a beacon of light in the world! When a soul walks upon the earth centered in the heart spreading goodness and positivity along their path they become a real-life Earthly Angel and thus make this world a BRIGHTER place! Earthly Angels are souls who consistently focus on becoming Servants of Light and walk upon this earth doing many of the same things the Angels do in Heaven. The only difference: Earthly Angels reside in physical bodies.

Earthly Angels strive to become role models of goodness and see the world with the eyes of the heart. They are human lighthouses, beaming heart-energy like a beacon to illuminate any place that is shadowed in darkness. Earthly Angels spread love and inspiration to others in brilliant ways, and move about the planet holding a vision: the return to Heaven on earth.
“If we want to create Heaven on earth, we must be the creators of Heaven on earth. This means we choose to infuse honor and love into each experience with every soul and creature we encounter. In its simplest form this is what Angels do.”
~Molly Friedenfeld
Focus on love.
Shine the light.
Change the world.


Find my book Becoming an Earthly Angel at for more tips on how to spread goodness and light around the world!

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Angel and Faerie reading and healing sessions, books, spiritual retreats, online Angel courses, and Angel Boot Camps and Workshops. Our World Needs More Earthly Angels! Molly’s motto … “No Earthly Angel or Faerie left behind.”

Learn more about how to become an Earthly Angel, communicate with Angels, Faeries, and Sacred Animals and start seeing Angel communication signs. Go to

I send you waves of Peace and Love to your heart on this day.

Molly Friedenfeld

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