Henna Hundal – Teen Helping Other Teens Honor Themselves

Henna Hundahl1

The Light of Humanity Radio Show

Guest: Henna Hundal

Bio: Henna Hundal is a high school junior from Turlock, California on a mission to empower the youth of today to lead active, healthy lives. She has written health, wellness, and science articles in a variety of print and online publications. Henna sees the importance of young people getting off on the right foot by making healthy lifestyle choices, and she wants to make sure teenagers are equipped with this knowledge so they can become Beacons of Light and spread this knowledge out in the world.

Topic: Teen Helping Other Teens Honor Themselves     (CLICK ON THIS PLAYER TO LISTEN NOW)

If you are viewing this blog in email format, please travel to www.violetwisdom.com to view and listen to this podcast.

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Henna Hundal – downloadable file

For more information about Henna Hundal go to www.violetwisdom.com.

“It is so critical to know yourself and love yourself before you can get out there and effectuate any great change.”

~Henna Hundal

For more information about Henna Hundal go to the Violet Wisdom website here:  www.violetwisdom.com


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