Greg Ferrian – The Story Behind the Movie “Big Miracle”

Gray Whales Greg Ferrian

The Light of Humanity Radio Show

Guest: Greg Ferrian

The Act of Goodness/Service: Back in October 1988 in Barrow, Alaska three California gray whales were found trapped in the ice. Greg Ferrian and his brother-in-law Rick Skluzacek traveled to Alaska with six de-icing machines. The rescue effort gained worldwide attention. Hollywood made a movie called “Big Miracle” about the incredible rescue effort that involved two Russian icebreakers, the United States government, the oil industry, and two Minnesotans with six Kasco de-icing machines. Greg Ferrian tells us the true story behind this inspirational story.

Topic: Big Miracle – The story behind the movie Big Miracle; saving the gray whales trapped in the ice in Barrow, Alaska  (CLICK ON THIS PLAYER TO LISTEN NOW)

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Greg Ferrian – downloadable file

“For a moment in time the world came together.”

~Greg Ferrian

For more information about Greg Ferrian go to the Violet Wisdom website here:


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