Jill Stephenson – Honoring Ben’s Legacy: Organ and Tissue Donation

Jill at UNOS in Richmond_Oct2011
The Light of Humanity Show 
Guest: Jill Stephenson

The Act of Kindness/Service: On July 10, 2009, Army Ranger, Benjamin S. Kopp, an honorable soldier  stationed in Afghanistan, saved six fellow soldiers on the battlefield before being shot by a sniper. 

The Story behind the story: There was a specific question on my son’s Living Will that asked, “Do you wish to be an organ donor, and Ben wrote ‘Yes.’ The question that followed that was, “Which ones” and Ben wrote, ‘Any that are needed.’ Ben Kopp’s death on July 18, 2009 gave the gift of life and infinite blessings to over 60 other souls via organ and tissue donation. This is a story of how one man continues to create a chain of goodness after his passing and how one mother through strength and grace has created a positive mission to honor the legacy of her son in the most honorable way.

Download Jill Stephenson’s radio interview to your computer:  Jill Stephenson – downloadable file


Interview Part One

Interview Part Two

For more information about Jill Stephenson and Ben Kopp go to the Violet Wisdom website here:  www.violetwisdom.com

Ben in Humvee_05202009 copy

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