Alan Silva – Feed the World: Pay it Forward Farming

child in field

The Light of Humanity Show

Guest: Alan Silva

Topic: Feed the World – Pay it Forward Farming

The Service:  Feed the World – Teaching families to farm in their own fields by working directly with families on their own land in Africa, China, and South America. Empowering poor smallholder farm families to feed themselves and provide for the future through sustainable farming.

Alan’s bio: Alan Silva was born in Colombia, South America. As the former Director of Operations for Feed The World, Alan has traveled to each of our projects many times and has extensive experience with our projects, partners, families and staff in each of our countries. He has represented Feed The World at local, regional and national levels In Peru, Ecuador, Kenya, Malawi and China. He is married to an incredible woman and has 5 wonderful children. 

Alan’s most poignant memory with Feed the World program: Alan said, “In Peru, I met a man named Don Signone. He had a wife and seven starving children. His land was desolate. He was doing what he could without knowledge. We started teaching him what he could do to start to change his life. He caught on like wildfire! I saw humanity progressing from the lowest common denominator to success in one family. Don Signone said to me, ‘Thank you so much for what you taught me. Now, I have hope and something I can give for my future, my children’s future, and their children’s future.'”



Download Alan Silva’s radio interview to your computer:  Alan Silva – downloadable file

 “If we are going to solve world hunger…
We have to grow people.
We have to give them hope.
We have to show them that they can rise above their circumstances.”

~Alan Silva   


For more information about Jack Silva go to the Violet Wisdom website here:


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