Tom Satre – Man Rescues Four Deer From Drowning In Alaskan Waters

Deer on deck Tom Satre

The Light of Humanity Show

Guest:  Tom Satre

Act of Kindness and Gift of Service:  Tom Satre and his family were cruising aboard his boat the Alaska Quest enjoying the beauty of the Alaskan wilderness on the water during a day of relaxation when they spotted four black-tail deer swimming toward their 19-m (62 ft.) charter boat. What happened next was a magical story that demands re-telling. Listen to our Light of Humanity program as Tom gives us the story behind the inspirational story of how one man extended unconditional kindness to four lovely creatures and what he received in return was an outpouring of support from the world that went viral on the internet. 

Topic: Man Rescues Four Deer From Drowning in Alaskan Waters



Download Tom Satre’s radio interview to your computer: Tom Satre – Downloadable file

“I formed a lasso with the mooring line and dropped it around their heads one at a time. The last deer was pretty gassed he was hypothermic. I massaged him for about 20 minutes to warm him up. He bleated like a little lamb. I think he was pretty appreciative.”

~ Tom Satre



For more information about Tom Satre go to the Violet Wisdom website here:


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