Angels and the Easy-Bake Oven

We Believe in Creating a Chain of Goodness, Spreading Positivity Across the Earth, Illuminating the Path for Others, and Honoring the Light Within Every Soul!  

Easy Bake Oven Friedenfeld
(The 2013 Easy-Bake Oven)
Today’s Message of Light…

A couple days ago I walked into the YMCA for my yoga class. I noticed  there was an adorable tree filled with stars and lights set up in the lobby. Attached to each star was a number that pertained to a child and the gift they desired for Christmas. I loved this kind gift giving idea so as I stood before the tree I asked my heart and my Angels the simple question… Which tag should I choose? I have gotten into the habit of asking my heart and my Angels for assistance regarding the simplest of decisions because this conscious act always produces magical results. I found the tag that felt right in my heart —  a tag for a 10-year-old girl wanting a bean bag chair.

As I returned to the front desk to let the staff know which tag I chose my Angels began whispering in my ear. I heard, “Easy-Bake Oven, Easy-Bake Oven” in my head. I make it a point to pay attention to random messages. I have found they always have significant meaning. I began speaking to the two ladies behind the front desk. As I handed them my tag representing the gift I would purchase on behalf of the 10-year old child I mentioned, “Did you ladies ever get an Easy-Bake Oven for Christmas?” One young woman named Natalie said, “I wanted one for Christmas one year. It’s the only thing I wanted and I didn’t get one. I cried and cried.” I finished our conversation and headed out the door for the nearest Target store to purchase the bean bag chair.

 While at Target I found the perfect “violet” bean bag chair for the 10-year old girl. My Angels continued to pop into my head the words “Easy-Bake Oven.” I was guided to the aisle where the Easy-Bake Ovens were displayed. I thought for a moment, “This doesn’t make sense she’s a grown woman. Why would I be feeling compelled to purchase an Easy-Bake Oven as a gift for the woman behind the counter at the YMCA?” By asking my heart that question my Angels flowed forward the answer. “Because it was a childhood dream that has not yet come to pass.” I felt those words lock into my heart with certainty. “That makes total sense,” I thought. I followed my heart and proceeded to the nearest check-out lane with the bean bag chair and the Easy-Bake Oven.

Thirty minutes later I walked into the YMCA once again. In one arm I had a violet bean bag chair. In the other arm I had an Easy-Bake Oven. I approached the counter and said to Natalie, “Here is the bean bag chair for the little girl and this oven is for you.” I continued, “If for any reason you don’t want it all I ask is that you pay-it forward to a little girl that will enjoy it.” She said, “Oh my gosh, thank you!” I gave her my card and a couple of hugs and headed back home with an expanded heart.

 Two days later I received this email from Natalie …

“This is Natalie from the Y. I am e-mailing you to thank you once again for your generosity of gifting me the Easy-Bake Oven! You have no idea how much that meant to me! Out of the goodness of your heart you helped remind me what Christmas is all about! As much as I really want to enjoy the Easy-Bake Oven, I am going to be re-gifting it to my younger cousin to help complete her Christmas list. I will enjoy making the chocolate chip cookies with her at our family Christmas!”

Moral of the story about Angels and the Easy-Bake Oven… Kindness always leaves a timeless deposit on the heart and our Angels will always guide us to a soul that we can bless in some big or small way and leave a trail of light and positivity. All we have to do is open our heart to hear, see, or feel the signs of communication they are joyfully giving us.

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Kindness always leaves a timeless deposit on the heart.
(From The Book of Simple Human Truths)

Teacher of Light

Molly Friedenfeld
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One thought on “Angels and the Easy-Bake Oven

  1. M&K Lee says:

    But Seriously~

    This is the best story ever! I love it !!!

    Makes me smile and warms my heart on this chilly day.

    I am so thankful to have you for a friend. You are such a wonderful example of who we should be.

    In a world where it’s very hard to stay positive and not complain…. Molly- you make it look so easy!

    YOU are an Easy Bake Oven! YOU produce warmth + sweet goodness!

    You are a blessing !!

    Much love,

    Kathy J

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