We Are All the Same Color On the Inside


We are all the same Color Friedenfeld
(The Heart of Humanity Speaks Message – Amsterdam, Holland 2013)
Today’s Message of Light…

Nelson Mandela transitioned to the light on December 5th, 2013. He was a wonderful man who left a legacy of love on this earth. A friend of mine from South Africa, Anthony Rockliffe, shared a message of wisdom on his Facebook page upon hearing the news of Nelson Mandela’s passing. Anthony writes…

“The best way to mourn Nelson Mandela’s passing is to let go of the past, be more tolerant, and love your fellow human for the spirit he or she has inside of them and not the color of the earthsuit it inhabits.”

I resonate with Anthony’s heart-felt message completely which gave me the inspiration for my blog post today. I feel the way we truly honor the souls that have left a positive impact on this planet is by aspiring to become more like them, by following in their footsteps. One of the jobs of the soul is to learn from the lessons of love and grace modeled by those we admire or look up to. This is also one of the many ways we honor the souls who have walked this earth with footprints of light and pathways paved with bricks of love. Continuing a legacy demands more than admiration. Continuing a legacy demands action from the center of the heart.

If we could all love each and every person that crosses our path a little bit more, we could attain inner peace with the knowledge that many people on this planet would be hurting a whole lot less.
 (From The Book of Simple Human Truths)

Teacher of Light

Molly Friedenfeld
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