Ancient Wisdom = Pure Truth

The Queen Sign Petrified Forest
(Ancient Redwood Tree in the Petrified Forest – Calistoga, CA)
Today’s Message of Light…

To me, the word wisdom means ancient knowledge. It’s center-of-the-earth deep. It’s center-of-the-earth pure. Compared with this wisdom, the knowledge humanity has come to trust and believe in is surface oriented and constantly being revised. One can scratch away human knowledge easily with the toe of a boot to reveal the impurities that lie just beneath the surface. Pure wisdom is gained through the seeking of deep, pure truth. This wisdom is constant; it is never distorted, reshaped, or pieced back together to fit a mold specific to a culture or its people. It’s the kind of wisdom you feel when you place your hand on the bark of a giant Redwood tree that has sent its roots deep into the ground for thousands of years. When you encounter ancient wisdom you can feel its truth in the center of your heart and through every cell of your body. This is the truth you can trust.


Teacher of Light

Molly Friedenfeld
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