Create a Project. Focus on Love. Change the World.

You matter - love notes Amsterdam friedenfeld


Today’s Message of Light…

When we allow our heart to guide us we enjoy creating love-based projects to share with other souls around the world. When we create a project that is grounded in love we set the intention to send our light across the earth. History will prove to us time and again that we do not inspire positive change with campaigns or tactics based in fear or negativity. Positive change occurs and sometimes lives are saved in the process when one illumined heart connects with the weary heart of another. We can accomplish this with simplicity by showing honor and love to each soul we encounter along the way.

I created this video to show just one of the infinite ways we can leave light trails of positivity in our footsteps and connect with the hearts others. One person can make a positive impact in the world for is a truth of the heart.

Love Notes Around the World

Create a project.
Choose love.
Change the world.

Teacher of Light

Molly Friedenfeld
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