Insert Honor & Love, Take Out the Pain


Love Propels Us Friedenfeld
   (Fisherman’s Wharf Propeller – San Francisco)  


Today’s Message of Light…

When we allow our hearts to guide us we realize we are the essence of love. Love is at the core of absolutely everything we do. Love propels us. Love illuminates our path.

It is our conscious choice to choose any path at any time other than one paved with bricks of love. Whenever we encounter a situation that doesn’t feel right we can choose love, step forward, speak our truth, and go in a different direction. Whenever we hear an untruth spoken in our presence we can choose love, step forward, and correct the untruth with truth. Whenever we view an injustice we can choose love, step forward, and choose not to let it go unchecked any longer. Whenever we do this we end patterns that does not serve our soul. We end patterns that have not served humanity since the beginning of time.

We can always find our way to love by asking questions. Questions are illumination points and each question that is asked allows another soul the opportunity to pause long enough to make the choice to access the wisdom of the heart and choose love, or continue in the same direction, the same way as before.

Why are we doing this?

Is this showing love to another soul?

Is each person in this chain being honored?

Would I like this done to me  or one of my family members in return?

Asking honest questions and waiting for the wisdom of your heart to give you the answer will always help you make the right decision, for whenever we insert honor and love we take out the pain.

Wars end.

Human trafficking ends.

Bullying ends.

Injustice ends.

Focus on the positive.
Choose love.
Change the world.

Teacher of Light

Molly Friedenfeld
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