The Man Who Wouldn’t Shoot


Choose Love in Sand Friedenfeld


Today’s Message of Light…

Not long ago I read an article about a homeless man living on the streets of Berkley, California. The story began with the man asking a passerby for a quarter, and another man asking for a story in exchange. The inspiration and lessons from the Universe arrived shortly after the money changed hands. The homeless man began, “I was a sniper in the army. I was sent to Iraq and was supposed to shoot the enemy from a distance.”  The man continued with his story eloquently pulling forward memory after memory of witnessing killings that he felt were of innocent people. “I was a sniper but I never really killed anyone,” he said. “One day I had to do it. They asked me to shoot this lady from the distance. I saw kids near this lady and my hand was on the trigger. Man… I was tearing up. I couldn’t do it. She wasn’t doing anything to anyone and she was with the kids – I couldn’t see through my tears. It just didn’t make any sense to me.” The story goes on and he was eventually put in jail for 180 days for not following orders. After that event he was black listed and couldn’t get a job or find a job. He was being punished for refusing to kill another soul.

The story ends with the man stating this powerful truth from the depths of his soul, “I have no regrets. I can live with being homeless – that’s okay. But I wouldn’t be able to live with killing innocent people.”

Each moment we are given a choice. He made the choice to LOVE.

Teacher of Light
Molly Friedenfeld
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