The Expanding Heart


Heart-at-park-with-hailey Friedenfeld

Today’s Message of Light…

A soul with an expanding heart understands we cannot force another to see the things we ‘see’ or hear the things we ‘hear,’ or even be as excited as we are about the things we are learning and discovering. A soul with an expanding heart understands the heart of every soul unlocks when it is Divine Time. This helps us to feel this TRUTH — no one has the ability to ‘command’ another to awaken or ingest the knowledge we have to dispense.

Every soul is on their individual journey and learning at their own pace. For this reason we are also asked to show patience, love, and compassion to those souls we may encounter that might not believe in the same things we do or understand the things we are experiencing.

We can remain in a state of peace during these times while waiting for family members, friends, and others around the world to awaken by holding all souls in a positive vision of love and having absolute faith that they too will awaken some day soon and reconnect with their inner light. We can also remain peaceful by holding the feeling in our heart how wonderful it will be when we are able to be present with open arms to embrace each soul with love the moment each heart unlocks and each mind awakens.

If someone is going through a difficult time,
one of the kindest things you can say is, ‘I’m just going to love you through this.’
Teacher of Light
Molly Friedenfeld
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