Bringing Forth Our Gifts


If We Did McKinney TX Friedenfeld

(Inspiration in the window – McKinney, Texas)

Today’s Message of Light…

Do you know what gift of goodness or service you have promised to bring forth to the world? Each and every soul has agreed. Once you find out what it is start sharing it, as quickly as possible, with as many souls as possible.

Do you have an inspiration that would bring forth some type of service to make the world a better place with something you create? Create it. Share it. We need it.

Do you have the kind of energy that helps people feel connected and  loved when you walk in a room? Get out in the world. Meet people. Spread your light. We are waiting to connect with you.

Do you have an idea or invention that will bless millions with your product once you bring it into physical form? Get going. We need it.

Do you have a message of goodness that has been living in your heart for decades? Start writing or talking. Let the world see and hear the words of your heart. We are ready to receive it.

One of my gifts of service I promised to create is Violet Wisdom Radio. It is a pleasure to connect with other souls around the world by spreading my message of inspiration, honor, and goodness. And each soul I connect with inspires me to continue creating and contributing goodness in my own special way. You can now find over 95 programs of inspiration, honor, and goodness for FREE on iTunes.

Teacher of Light
Molly Friedenfeld
Visit our Violet Wisdom website at

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