One Person Can Change the World


Golden Gate Bridge Friedenfeld
Today’s Message of Light…

Never doubt for one moment that one person is not powerful enough to change the world. For the truth is, it has always begun this way. There were no blueprints or templates for the Statue of Liberty, The Eiffel Tower, or the Golden Gate Bridge. Each one of these creations that have impacted the souls of this world in a positive way all started in one mind, with one inspirational thought, and one heart-centered intention.

These wonders of the world began by imagining a dream or goal, bringing the dream from the imagination into the heart, traveling out of a comfort zone, and grounding the project or idea in love with a heart-centered desire to bring it to fruition as a physical reality in the world. You are a powerful soul.

You are a powerful creator. You can do anything you set your MIND and HEART too. If it contains goodness and you want to bring it into physical form, it shall be so.

Teacher of Light
Molly Friedenfeld
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