The Way of Compassion

Garden symbol Fleur Friedenfeld
Today’s Message of Light…

The Sacred Significance of the Fleur de Lis

Fleur de lis is the flower of “light.”
Fleur de lis represents the flower of the lily.
Fleur de lis is the sacred symbol for purity, light, and life.
Fleur de lis is the sacred symbol of Mary Magdalene.
 Fleur de lis reminds us of the holy trinity – Father, Son, Holy Ghost.
The Mary’s Around the World are Awakening…
Are you a Mary? (See the 103 names associated with Mary, click HERE.
Have you gone by another name or nickname for most of your life and now feel a yearning to return to your birth name with the origins of Mary?
Have you been drawn to the Fleur de lis recently?
Are you beginning to see the Fleur de lis wherever you go?
Are people giving you items or presents with the Fleur de lis symbol on it?
If so, this is one of the signs that you are connecting with the energy of Mary Magdalene. Mary Magdalene helps you to unlock your Divine Heart and flow love and compassion to yourself and out to others. Whenever you see the Fleur de lis this is a reminder for you to connect with the infinite love that resides within you and shine it forth for all to see. You are a being of light and you are being asked to step forward, embrace your essence of love, and bring forth your gifts of goodness or service to share with the world.


Teacher of Light
Molly Friedenfeld
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