It’s About Honor and Equality

Queen No Different Friedenfeld
     Honoring the light within all souls allows us to realize this truth…We all hold equal and immense value in the eyes of the Universe and no soul holds more value than another. The other simple human truth I have found on my journey thus far is this… Any time we insert honor and equality we take out the pain. Wars end. Human trafficking ends. Crime ends. Pornography ends. All the things that have caused humanity great pain, end.
    I believe when we treat all souls like our brothers and sisters we consistently make sure we remain in the right relationship with all. For those things we would not like done to us, we can’t imagine ever doing to another in return. When we honor another we ask our heart along the way, “Does this feel right?” or “Is this action showing honor toward myself or another soul?”
     Traveling through our days in a state of conscious goodness ensures we honor our light and the light within every soul, every step of the way. And that ensures we leave light trails of positivity wherever we travel.


Peace and love,
Peace St. Thomas Church Friedenfeld
~Molly Friedenfeld
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