Sharing Our Gifts Of The Heart


Ordinary humans become soul-centered earthly Angels or Guardians of Light while walking this earth by loving others unconditionally and spreading peace, joy, and kindness with a magical touch. We are everyday advocates, motivating others and lighting up our world by leaving light trails of positivity in our footsteps.

Find the gifts of goodness or service you have agreed to bring to the world and then start giving them away as quickly as possible, to as many souls as possible.
~Molly Friedenfeld

Here are some simple ideas for spreading love and light from your heart:

Become a difference maker. Start the day with a simple intention of goodness asking your Angels and Guides of Light or whatever you call your Higher Power—to put someone in front of you that you can assist in some big or small way unconditionally. Then watch what happens!

Show gratitude. Whenever you receive a blessing, the Universe always presents a follow-up Our happiness Fortune Cookie Friedenfeldopportunity to bless someone in return. Grasp every opportunity for gratitude as it comes along by graciously blessing another soul or one of God’s creatures.

Teach it forward. If you have gathered great wisdom through a difficult lesson, tell others about it. By telling your story honestly, with humility, and from your heart, you can give others insight regarding a problem they may be experiencing and become the instrument for another soul’s learning and growth.

Demonstrate it. Show others the way by being a positive role model and demonstrating how becoming an earthly Angel or Guardian of Light blesses the lives of all those that come across your path.



You may not know at this moment what your gifts of goodness and legacy might be… but know this truth, those souls who choose to access the wisdom of the heart and find a way to serve others unconditionally will experience the greatest joy during their precious time here.


Peace and love,
Peace St. Thomas Church Friedenfeld
~Molly Friedenfeld
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