Change the Course of History With Your Simple Smile

Spreading Stories of Honor and Goodness Across the Earth! Every good news story that is heard, cancels out one negative news story that is told. And each person that shares it with another creates a chain of goodness. 

Today’s message: Change the Course of History With Your Simple Smile
Did you know the simple smile you spread around as you pass by a soul on the street could actually Change the world Amersterdam Friedenfeldchange the course of history for humanity? Let me explain. You may never hear about the effect of your simple smile, but do not discount it’s global impact. Some souls have dimmed their light and closed off their hearts, just like the souls that were responsible for the bombing at the Boston Marathon earlier this year, or souls that go into schools with weapons and negative intentions. These souls do carry the light within them, but they have made the choice to dim their light. We don’t know all the personal stories behind the pain that would cause someone to want to intentionally harm another, or end their life prematurely, but what we do need to know is we all have an inner light this is love, and we all hold immense value in the eyes of the Universe. Your simple smile could be the one thing that connects with the heart of another when they need it most. When “humanity” needs it most. Your simple smile could be the thing that shines just enough light into the heart of another and that changes their illusion from thinking there is no hope to realizing someone one actually sees them and cares about them. For how do we know that a soul we passed by on the street didn’t say a prayer before heading out the door with the intention to harm another that said, “Just give me one sign that someone believes in me today and I won’t go through with it. I’ll forget all about this.”
   Smile more. Change the world.
(Photo taken in Amsterdam, Holland)Find the book about spreading goodness and love here:www.thebookofsimplehumantruths.comViolet Wisdom website:
Peace and love,
Peace St. Thomas Church Friedenfeld
~Molly Friedenfeld
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