Learning How Angels Communicate With Us

Spreading Stories of Honor and Goodness Across the Earth! Every good news story that is heard, cancels out one negative news story that is told. And each person that shares it with another creates a chain of goodness. 

Today’s message: Learning How Angels Communicate With Us
Our Violet Wisdom 8-week (4 part) self-guided intensive online seminar offering launched this week! This transformational course is delivered to you every other week and taught by Molly Friedenfeld, Teacher of Light, host and creator of  Violet Wisdom Radio and author of The Book of Simple Human Truths. Molly takes you on a fabulous and fun journey of Angel Communication and Angel Inspiration.

Join us as we invite in your personal Angels to walk beside you to inspire and guide you as you travel Violet Angel Statue Friedenfeld2throughout your days.  Once you invite the Angels into your life the colors of your world turn from grey to Technicolor. Angels help us live in the truth, maintain joy in our hearts, forgive, and help us release the pain from traumatic events in order to heal the heart. Angels flow us endless synchronicities to let us know…We are never left to wander alone and we are always surrounded by unconditional love. 

This 4 part course is just $22.22
One of the most important and fun reasons for living a life of truth with Angels by your side is you unlock the wisdom of the heart. The wisdom of the heart contains pure truth. When you listen to your Angels and your heart you will always be guided in the right direction. Pure truth and clear sight are gifts that are available to us all and it is accessed only through the wisdom of the heart. Truth allows you to see and understand the meaning behind synchronistic events, symbols, signs, numbers and life lessons placed before you. This conscious heart expansion and discovery process assists you in finding out the missions and creations your soul has agreed to bring as gifts of goodness for humanity in this lifetime. We will also teach you how to become an earthly Angel by learning how to shine the light from your heart and leave light trails of positivity in your footsteps, spread goodness and love around the globe and hold the vision of love for all souls.
By the end of the four-part self guided series you will:
  • Learn how to become an earthly Angel.
  • Learn how to recognize and receive Angel signs, numbers, and messages.
  • Learn how to access the wisdom of your heart.
  • Learn how to forgive and heal with Angels – Fairygiveness.
  • Learn how to communicate and have a personal relationship with your Angels and Guides of Light
If you don’t believe in Angels after taking this online Angel Communication
course and following the simple steps provided we will refund your money!
 (less Paypal expenses)
This 4 part course is just $22.22
Check out our website for further details: www.violetwisdom.com
Your Angels are waiting in the wings to connect with you!
Peace and love,
Peace St. Thomas Church Friedenfeld
~Molly Friedenfeld
Visit our Violet Wisdom website at www.violetwisdom.com
Find inspiration, love & wisdom in The Book of Simple Human Truths
Listen to Violet Wisdom Radio Messages of Light
We welcome all souls on Molly’s Facebook and Violet Wisdom Radio Facebook  pages.

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