I Met A Guardian of Light In Yoga Class Today

Today’s message: I Met A Guardian of Light In Yoga Class Today

I met a Guardian of Light in yoga class today. Her name is Katie. Throughout the class my Angels kept telling me, “Do you see how beautiful she is? Please tell her how beautiful she is.” They kept repeating this over and over like a loop on a reel until I said in my head, “Okay, I will. I will.”
     So after class I approached this woman who then told me her name was Katie. I asked her about her  Grace Friedenfeld
hand. She said she was born without it and uses a prosthetic which enables her to stand on her arm and do yoga moves just like everyone else. As I stood there listening to her speak I thought, “What a confident and strong soul.” I then delivered my message. I told Katie that I connect people with their Angels and my Angels and her Angels wanted me to tell her how beautiful she is and what a wonderful role model she is for all the people in class by demonstrating such grace and beauty. I went onto say, “You present a precious gift to others by how you carry yourself so confidently.” She got teary eyed and said, “Wow. This is incredible I really needed to hear this today.”
    “Were you ever teased in school?” I asked. “Yes, a lot.” she replied. “Many times I confronted it with sarcasm, but I know now people didn’t have the skills back then that we are learning about now.” Again, I was amazed at her confidence, grace, and strength.
    As we stood talking in the yoga studio I gave her a gift, a message from her Angels, but I received a precious gift in return. Whenever a soul joins his or her heart with another we shall find a new friend.
      Guardians of Light are the souls who choose to illuminate our world with honor, goodness and love. Guardians are the protectors of the light and shine it forth like a beacon for all to see in thousands of different ways.
Thank you Katie for shining your light so brightly.
Peace and love,
Peace St. Thomas Church Friedenfeld
~Molly Friedenfeld
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