Free Libraries Are Popping Up Like Wildflowers!

I stumbled across an actual library on my street during a recent walk through my neighborhood. It’s called The Little Free Library project, and upon further investigation I found more goodness. This “little library” platform promotes honesty, sharing, community, and learning all rolled into one wonderful concept. But wait, there’s more! I also found this wonderful idea is popping up everywhere and spreading like “wildflowers across the country!”

Free Library Plymouth, MN Friedenfeld
The Little Free Library project began in 2009 when Todd Bol built a small structure, a glorified birdhouse if you will, and filled it with books in honor of his late mother, a school teacher and avid reader. He placed the structure on his front lawn with a sign encouraging curious visitors to “Take a Book. Leave a Book.” The spirit of the project, which aims to promote literacy and community, spread quickly and today there are an estimated 10,000 libraries nationally and even internationally. (Click here to find out more)
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Molly Friedenfeld

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