Hearts Unite, Souls Connect in Line At Anne Frank House

Believe With Me, Day One Hundred-Twenty-Four… Inspiring the hearts of others to honor the light within every soul, and being on The Ellen DeGeneres Show too!

Today’s message: Hearts Unite, Souls Connect in Line At Anne Frank House
My friend Cynthia Shepherd has a wonderful heart-centered project called “The Heart of Humanity Speaks.” Its simple concept; have souls in 9 words or less put on paper or video format what their heart Anne Frank Line Friedenfeld2wants to say to the world. On a recent trip to Amsterdam I received the simple inspiration to assist Cynthia with her project by asking fellow souls standing in line at the Anne Frank House if they would be interested in becoming part of the project by sharing their heart message with the world.
     I began by asking a woman and her daughter standing behind me if they would be interested in participating in the project. The daughter said sure and immediately began to think of her message. Two lovely women pastors behind the mother and daughter agreed to go next and each came up with a profound message from the heart. One message from Marilyn said, “Look into each others eyes and see God.”Look in each others eyes FriedenfeldIMG_4260
What happened next was truly magical. As people began sharing their heart messages with one another hearts began connecting down the line. A group of  school teachers, joyfully agreed to participate and stated, “We would like to create a heart message together.” Here is their group heart message: “We are all the same color on the inside.”
   Hearts became ignited, love flowed freely as group after group shared their messages of love with We are all the same Color Friedenfeldothers while standing in line to honor a young girl named Anne Frank who left her mark of love from her heart on paper over 70 years ago.
     Molly’s heart message to the world rang true that day, “When two hearts unite, anything is possible.”
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