School Begins, Bullying Ends

Ellen DeGeneres and I have two things in common. We love to spread joy and we want to end bullying.

Marissa Peace Guardian Bus stop MN 2
School has begun and this means we must step forward and become The Guardians of Light for all  children, not just our own. Bullying comes in many different forms and has no place in the lives of those who choose LOVE and PEACE. As featured in my book, The Book of Simple Human Truths, Love is simple. Truth is simple. Peace is simple. Joy is simple.
     All it takes is simple, consistent, and gentle course corrections at the time of an unkind occurrence to prevent a path of pain from forming. All it takes is for each one of us to remember any time we insert honor, we take out the pain. If your child comes home with a story involving a painful experience, be brave, step forward with a gentle course correction and hold the unkind soul(s) responsible. If your child speaks “mean-spiritedly” towards another soul, be brave, step forward with a gentle course correction at the time of Love on pavement - love notes Spain Friedenfeldoccurrence. If a teacher acts inappropriately towards your child or another, be brave, step forward with a gentle course correction, go right to the teacher and speak on behalf of those who may be too young to speak for themselves. Each conscious step we take prevents a path of pain paved with unkind experiences from forming. Instead when we choose to gently guide a soul back into the light we become a Guardian of Light and do what is just and right for all souls regardless of whose child it is. We begin to walk with intentional steps on a pathway of kindness which is being paved brick by brick with LOVE.
The Guardians of Light 
If there is something unjust in the world 
those that have the wisdom and ability to take action,
have the responsibility to be brave, step forward, and take action.
It is an honorable charge to shine the light 
and stand up for what is true, just, and right. “We are not asked to be perfect.
We are asked to make a difference.”
~Molly Friedenfeld
(Photo by Molly Friedenfeld  – Guardian of Light Marissa heads off to school with her Peace backpack in Plymouth, MN)
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