Leaving Light Trails In Your Footsteps

     It was days before leaving on a recent trip to Amsterdam and Spain that I received inspiration for my

Smile at a stranger love notes friedenfeld next project of LOVE that my heart and soul desired to bring from ethers to earth. Let me explain. Amsterdam is rich in history, with splendid buildings, wonderful food, and beautiful canals. It is also home to the infamous “red-light” district where drugs and prostitution are legal. I believe in my heart any time a person strips off their clothes for another soul with conditions to be met or money to change hands they are allowing another soul to strip away their right to be honored. My desire for traveling through this location as a layover option on the way to Spain with my husband was to see the remarkable city and even more so, visit the Anne Frank HouseAnne Frank was an earthly Angel who has inspired the lives of millions during her time on this earth, including mine.
     I am an empath, which means I can sense and feel another soul’s emotions. I can also feel the distress cry from another heart as their soul steps forward with a message they want the world to hear. This means that you may see a person smiling  and laughing on the outside but on the inside they are crying for help. I must admit, this created great pain and sadness for me. How do I visit a place like this and not be bombarded with messages of pain from other souls? How do I turn this around and You matter - love notes Amsterdam friedenfeldcreate something positive?
So here’s what I did. I asked my heart what I should do next. Later that day I received my inspiration on a journey to Target for sunscreen. My simple inspiration: Leave light trails in my footsteps by posting inspirational “love notes” along my path throughout the city. This way, as I mention in my book, The Book of Simple Human Truths, I ground my project in love. I create a positive wake as I travel and spread light throughout the city. By doing this I make the choice to remain in a joyful state instead of feeling bad about the choices other people are making along their own life paths. By remaining in “joy” I am honoring myself and all souls.
Find all the LOVE NOTES I posted as I traveled through Amsterdam and Spain on my Pinterest page.
     Do you want to become a beacon of light for the souls of this world? All you have to do is honor the light within every soul. When we honor the light within any soul we are doing what’s good for all of humanity. Become a lighthouse. Become a beacon. Send out your love in waves.

“Any time a stipulation on love is present, unconditional love is not.”

~Molly Friedenfeld

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