When Angels Whisper In Your Ear

A few days ago I woke up at 2 a.m., with a specific message for a lovely women named Debra Ogburn. I had connected with Debra through the Violet Wisdom Inspiration Radio show. Debra  is a very special

photo[20]soul. You see, Debra assists souls that can’t see — those souls that have lost their way and are stuck between earth and the heavens and have missed the opportunity to rejoin with the light. Here’s the simple story of what happened and the inspirational blessings that followed.
     This waking up in the middle of the night thing has happened to me plenty of times before. In fact, during the process of writing The Book of Simple Human Truths, my Angels consistently woke me up each morning, and many times at exactly 3:33 a.m. I began calling this Angel time, because each time I would wake up there would be a very important message they wanted me to write down.
     When I woke up the other morning at 2 a.m., Debra’s Angels and my Angels had a message for me. Apparently her Angels and my Angels were in cahoots and formed an Angelic team! They wanted me to reinforce a message that she had already been receiving for some time. The message they delivered to me to give to her was this, “Please tell her to start blogging about her experiences with crossing souls over to the light.” They wanted her to know by doing this she will assist not only the souls that need crossing over, but by telling her story will assist souls, here, by taking the fear out of the unknown regarding spirits or ghosts. Debra’s Angels also wanted her to know the reason she has so many souls from the other side coming to her is that they know they can “trust” her. The Angels said these souls are attracted to her because she sends love from her heart like a lighthouse beacon. They can see her light and feel her pure heart-centered intentions. They said, “These souls know they will be safe in her care.” How wonderful is that!
     Do you want to become a beacon of light for the souls of this world? All you have to do is honor the light within every soul. When we honor the light within any soul we are doing what’s good for all of humanity. Become a lighthouse. Become a beacon. Send out your love in waves.
     I am pleased to announce that Debra followed the guidance of her Angels and her heart and has started a Facebook blog to document her love for crossing souls over to the light with love. Here is a link to Debra’s Facebook blog.

Angels of highest light and love,

Angels that radiate beams of pure energy from the heavens above.

Please join us and be with us on this very night,

As the soul of our beloved joins you in flight.

We pray that you send this soul embraced in your lovely wings,

During his journey may he hear harps, and trumpets and strings.

~Molly Friedenfeld

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