Ask And It Shall Be So

Believe With Me, Day Ninety-One… Inspiring the hearts of others to honor the light within every soul, and being on The Ellen DeGeneres Show too!

Today’s message: Ask And It Shall Be So
Do you want to be inspired by your Angels? Do you need proof that you are never left to wander alone?Heaven Sent Me Friedenfeld All you have to do is ask. One day last winter I asked my Angels to simply inspire me. That day as I waited in line at the drive thru teller at the bank this is what I saw on the bumper sticker of the car in front of me. “Heaven sent me.” Ask, and it shall be so.
Do you want to be inspired by the specific energy of an animal and invite its wonderful energy into your life? My latest project in my fairy garden this summer has been to welcome the birds. Here are the simple steps I took:
I began by bringing in a birdhouse, a stone birdbath, and filled the feeder with seeds. I then brought in a cute little statue of a bird so I could view something that represented what I wanted in my garden and my life each day. My last simple step in this process was to send out a positive intention to invite the Bird on a log Friedenfeldbirds to this sacred location by having my intention originate in the space of my heart. I said, “Thank you” to show gratitude.

You will know when the energy you have requested has arrived because you will begin to receive synchronistic gifts and signs. Not only will you begin to see really cool birds show up in your backyard, but you might just find a really cool turkey feather on a walk like I did to cement your request of goodness just one step further. Ask, and it shall be so.Turkey feather

I was at the gas station today getting my oil changed. The man behind the counter and I were having a casual conversation. He said, “It was really weird. I had a dream last night about my grandmother. She passed away a few years ago but came to me in this dream and gave me a huge hug.” I said, “Our beloveds that have transitioned to the light visit us in our dreams because it is an easy way for them to show us love and visit us in a way that is comfortable.” I continued, “If you want to experience that lovely connection again all you have to do is, ‘Ask, and it shall be so.'” I went one step further because I could feel his apprehension. I stated, “I double dog dare you to try it and see what happens.”
Ask, and it shall be so.
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Peace and Love,

Molly Friedenfeld


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