Honoring a Soul Who Honors the Light of Another

This blog post is in honor of Gillian Trumbull. Gillian, you see, is a soul who inspires the hearts of others to honor the light with every soul. For the past three years she has volunteered her time to welcome and assist elderly WWII Veterans of Chicago at the airport, checking them in through security and making sure they get on their honor flight to Washington D.C. safely.

     Honor Flight Chicago is an organization that honors the American veteran, one of our greatest treasures…these are the men and women who answered our nation’s call, especially at times of our Gillian Trumbullgreatest need. The mission of Honor Flight Chicago is to honor and thank those veterans – especially now our WWII veterans by bringing them to Washington DC, at no cost to them, for a day of honor. So far over 45 honor flights have occurred carrying 3800+ veterans to Washington D.C. from Chicago for a day of honor. (The average age of the honored veteran is 89.)

Gillian says, “While the veterans are in Washington D.C. for the day we work on welcome home banners. At night we welcome families, friends and spouses of Veterans on the flight to the airport as we prepare an honorable welcome home surprise from the community. Thousands gather. We have bagpipes, a brass band, scout troops and community members all very excited to greet these brave men and women back home. 

Gillian says, “I got involved because I really enjoy helping out and caring for the elderly. When I found out about Honor Flight it felt like a PERFECT way for me to serve and give back to those who have given so much. I have only missed meeting one flight in the 3 years. Honor Flight and it’s Veterans have become family to me and I hope to be there for many more to come.


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