Receiving Inspiration from Angels

Today’s message: Receiving Inspiration from Angels


We all have a mission. We all have a purpose. Our heavenly Angels travel alongside us to inspire us, to guide us, and assist us in fulfilling all the things our pure hearts desire. We have armies of Angels at our disposal. These lovely beings of light can help us bring Heaven to earth so all of us can experience a peaceful and joyful journey during our designated time here.

It is our personal choice whether to seek Divine Guidance and assistance as we travel through our days and along our personal journeys, or to venture into the unknown alone. As featured in The Book of Simple Human Truths we know now that in order for Angels to help us with a specific request, we must make an active choice to acknowledge them and grant them permission by asking for their assistance. The more we talk to them, the more we will feel their heavenly energy surround us. And the more we feel their presence, the more we understand that we are all divinely connected. Awareness of this connection is what drives each soul to reach out with love to as many souls as possible, thus becoming a heart-centered earthly Angel.

Angel Communication Challenge:Angel license plate Friedenfeld

For one week, I challenge you to BELIEVE. All you have to do is say, “I believe in Angels” and be ready and open to receive their spiritual signs. These signs may come in the form of symbols, song lyrics, scriptures, commercials, or words spoken by another in conversation. The number of possible spiritual signs they will flow to you to prove their existence is immeasurable. Have fun!

Angels are super duper clever too! I snapped this ANGEL4U license plate photo yesterday while leaving a restaurant with my friend Cynthia Shepherd. We scheduled the lunch specifically to talk about our upcoming online teaching series on how we can assist others in becoming more connected with the heavens and finding the immense beauty in honoring the light within every soul.

Specific signs from Angels may include:

  • Seeing an Angel statue or Angel pin
  • Finding pennies, dimes, and feathers in random locations
  • Hearing a song lyric mentioning the word Angel 
  • Picking up a book that speaks of Angels
  • Having a friend comment, “You are an Angel.”
  • Running across the name Angel, Angela, or Raphael on a license plate
  • Seeing a halo in a store window
  • Seeing an Angel on a billboard or in a magazine or newspaper article
  • Waking up from a vivid dream involving Angels
  • Seeing an Angel tattoo

Here are some easy steps for communicating directly with Angels:

Become centered with love in your heart space.

Say, “Please,” and ask your Angels what you desire to see as a specific form of communication. Use your imagination and ask them for unique signs that prove they are real. For example, ask to see a purple horse, a crown, barbed wire, Angel wings, or even a three-legged dog!

Say, “Thank you” and “I BELIEVE.”

Release the request to the Universe. You must actually believe that it will occur in order to stay in alignment (on track) for receiving your sign.

Allow your Angels to work behind the scenes to flow your sign to you and be on the lookout for it!

When you see your sign, be sure to say, “Thank you” to show your gratitude.

“Angels, Angels, Angels, I believe in all your infinite wonder and ways,

I ask that you travel alongside me and guide me through the rest of my days.”

~Molly Friedenfeld


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