Listening To Positive Voices

Believe With Me, Day Seventy-Eight… Spreading Love and Light Across the Earth, and being on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to talk about kindness too!

Today’s message: Listening To Positive Voices
Last week I created a blog post called Looping Negative Thoughts, it was a blog post about being aware of negative actions like blaming or shaming others and allowing negative thoughts to play like a movie reel loop over and over in the space of our mind. The blog post content stated when this behavior goes unchecked it creates a perfect breeding ground to spiral down into more negativity. You see, our thoughts, or voices in our head are powerful. They are like radio waves sent out to the Universe. If we project out negativity, the Universe replies to our request of negativity by sending more negativity our way.
    It was just three days later after writing that post that I experienced a wonderful synchronicity while sitting at a stoplight in Anoka, MN. As I waited for the light to turn green I felt compelled to look at the car next to me, and there on the side panel of a girl’s car was a fabulously positive bumper sticker with a4 out of 5 voices Friedenfeld simple, inspiring and funny message. It said, “4 out of 5 voices in my head say go for it.” I laughed out loud and said to my Angels, “Thank you! That’s awesome!” This is how the wonderful Universe works. You see, I sent out a positive message which originated in my mind about breaking negative thought patterns. And, the Universe responded by lining everything up behind the scenes so at that exact moment in time I would be at a stoplight, caste my gaze at the car next to me, see the bumper sticker before the light turned green so I could receive a positive message that I was on the right track with the information I was dispensing to others in my blog post a few days before. Phew! In simple terms, I sent out a positive message and I got a positive message right back to me!
Here are two simple simon truth tips for listening to positive thoughts:  
  • Allow only positive thoughts to travel through the space of your mind. Discount and command any negative thought away the moment you notice its entrance by saying, “Be gone!” I allow only positive thoughts here.
  • Allow your heart to guide and lead you, not the mind. It is your sacred heart that holds ancient wisdom, truth, and positivity. It is the truth of the heart that flows positive thoughts and images up into your mind. It is the ego that allows in negativity and fear.

Follow these truths and you begin to experience immediate and positive results.

As mentioned in my book, The Book of Simple Human Truths, we must remain locked in our hearts in order to see all the wonderful miracles that are presented before us.


“The heart will always lead you in the right direction. It is the ego that says, ‘Let’s take this more difficult route instead.’

~Molly Friedenfeld

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