Looping Negative Thoughts

Believe With Me, Day Sixty-Eight… Spreading Love and Light Across the Earth, and being on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to talk about kindness too!

Today’s message: Looping Negative Thoughts
Have you ever allowed something negative to take you off track or out of alignment, and away from your joyful state? Today I want to talk about staying on track and preventing looping thoughts. StayingRailroad Tracks Ties Friedenfeld in alignment on or track and remaining in a state of joy is one of the main reasons we are here on this planet. As I speak of in my book, The Book of Simple Human Truths, we know when we have manifested and reached a place of joy, because whatever it is we are doing at that moment, our hearts are singing. We are completely present. We are enjoying ourselves. This state of being means we are in alignment or in a positive vibration location. Alignment means we are on the right track, and a vibration location is an energetic place.

     So for example:  if we are traveling in a train and the tracks are out of alignment, the train will jump the tracks creating a derailment and a boxcar pileup. The same applies to souls. If we are out of alignment with peace and joy, we may embrace the negative, placing us in a negative vibration location. Thus, we may veer off track—our spiritual path—and into a metaphorical ditch. We then can become stuck in this new negative place in our minds plagued with looping thoughts.  Looping thoughts are negative thoughts or fabricated stories we create by filling in the gaps with information that is untrue. If we allow our minds to be in control these thoughts go unchecked and thus begin to play unconsciously in a negative looping pattern in our mind. If this negative pattern continues thoughts can then manifest into actions. We may think everyone is against us. We may begin to create a path of pain in our lives and the lives of others by engaging in drama, blaming others, constantly complaining, and being downright cruel to all souls who cross our path.

Conversely, if the train tracks we are traveling are in alignment, we continue to move ahead straight ahead remaining in a positive vibration location of peace and joy. This state allows all the wonderful things the Universe has to offer us to flow right in.

How to recognize when we are out of alignment with truth and love:

  • Any time we are complaining or blaming
  • Pointing the finger at other souls for their behavior instead of finding ways to improve our own
  • Judging the spiritual path of others
  • Feeling anxious, wiry, and a feeling of shifting away from a joyful state of being
  • Speaking cruel words about yourself or another soul

Simple Simon Returning To Joy Tip:

Get really good at asking yourself this question, “At this moment is my heart singing?” If not, start asking yourself questions to find out why and then, simply switch to another thought or action immediately that will help you get back on track to feeling joyful. Even if it means you must leave a family or work event, or even dinner with friends to return to joy.


“There is always a TRUTH to be revealed in any situation where your emotions have shifted.

~Molly Friedenfeld

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