Choosing To Walk In The Light

Believe With Me, Day Sixty-Seven… Spreading Love and Light Across the Earth, and being on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to talk about kindness too!

Today’s message: Choosing To Walk In The Light
It was back in 1997 Ellen DeGeneres announced she was gay in Time magazine. At the time, she was the star of her own successful TV show Ellen. Ellen says,”When I decided to have my character on the show come out, I knew I  I did it for my own truth.” This was her way of staying strong within her core integrity, and doing what was right for her soul. It was a statement to the world of the immense power, inner strength, and the light within her. Ellen is a Guardian of Light and a Guardian stands up for the truth.Candle flame light Friedenfeld
     A record 42 million people tuned in as Ellen DeGeneres sat down with Oprah Winfrey and spoke her truth about coming out publicly. What Ellen experienced after speaking the truth was a campaign of pain or what I call “adult bullying.” We’ve all experienced it and it hurts our heart. Its sole purpose is to inflict pain, fear, negativity, spread untruths, and create an atmosphere of “us against them.” After the program aired religious groups protested her show, Conservative Reverend Jerry Falwell proclaimed her “Ellen DeGenerate,” shortly thereafter, ABC under pressure cancelled Ellen in 1998.

     When a soul decides to walk in the light of love and truth and bring forth their Lightworker energy they begin to shine the light and illuminate “societal shoulds” — which are untruths that a grouping of souls, over time, have come to believe is the truth, yet is not the truth. Lightworkers also hold other souls responsible for untruths, dishonorable, and cruel behavior. Many times holding a soul accountable for untruthful or cruel behavior will bubble up immense fear in others. The reason for this is simple. As featured in my book, The Book of Simple Human Truths, untruths that have been allowed to go unchecked for a very long time grow in negativity, and when they are brought out into the light it demands one of two options: stomp it down with pain and throw it back in the shadows as soon as possible with more fear, or start on the road to creating positive change for the good of all, like Ellen did, by dispensing the truth and choosing to walk in the light regardless of the negativity swirling around her.
Recognizing Adult Bullying:
The person who is the initiator of adult bullying creates an atmosphere of dissent by forcing others to see things from only one perspective. The sole purpose for this unkind campaign is to force other souls to choose sides instead of collaboration and community. This is initiated by dispensing untruths, pain, negativity, and creating a vortex of fear to hold other souls back from finding their own truth about a particular soul.
Adult Bullying is easily identified. Look for sentences like this…
  • You are either with us or against us.
  • Don’t believe anything she says, just listen to me.
  • He is so stupid.
  • I hate him.
“Peace can only travel across the land when souls begin to realize that we are all sharing this experience on earth, together. Those souls that are the strongest within their core, the Lightworkers of the world do not envision a fight, they choose peaceful resolution and always, always, always choose to walk in the light.”
~Molly Friedenfeld
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