Collecting Hearts and Connecting Souls

Believe With Me, Day Fifty-Three… Spreading Love and Light Across the Earth, and being on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to talk about kindness too!

Today’s message: Collecting Hearts and Connecting Souls
Heart shaped Strawberry Marcie Cowman
A few weeks ago an idea landed in my mind out of the blue. That’s how it happens when you receive Divine Guidance from the Universe. It arrives in your mind like a morning mist over the water — calm, peaceful, and intentional. Once you get really good at recognizing when you receive a message of wisdom from the Universe you can easily keep the energy moving by taking immediate action steps to move the “inspiration” from your mind down into your heart space.
     Here was the simple idea: Involve others souls in spreading love and light across the four corners of the earth by making this blog interactive. The next idea that followed on the heels of this…make it FUN. This idea was reinforced days later by my friend Robin A. who suggested that perhaps I should post the Ellen DeGeneres “guest on the show suggestion” link on this blog so people could send Ellen DeGeneres an email to let her know about our spreading love and light movement. (Thank you Robin!)
     So, here’s what I did: I immediately began asking my friends on Facebook to send me heart-shaped items they have found that have inspired them to remember to LOVE all souls. The only other thing I asked was for them to photograph the object so we could share it with others to spread the news that LOVE is everywhere! Sometimes all you have to do is put out the positive intention. Photos began to arrive in my email box. I also received something  unexpected…a beautiful heartfelt story behind each heart-shaped discovery.
Here are a few lovely stories:
     Marcie C. of Andover, MN sent me a picture of a “Heart Within a Heart” discovered after she trimmed the top off of a strawberry (see picture above). She said, “The white emanating from the center reminds me of Heart in stone Cynthia Fitzerbeams of light.”
     Another lovely soul named Cynthia F. of Zimmerman, MN sent me this picture of Two Hearts in Stone (see the other heart on the right). Cynthia said, “These two hearts represent myself and my husband.”
     Roger S. of Van Nuys, CA encountered love in a puddle and sent this picture of a heart-shaped formation on the ground Heart in Puddle Roger Stanlowby his work truck. Roger stated, “When I returned a few moments later, it was gone.”
     Mary S. from Eagan, MN sent this fun potato chip heart. What a wonderful reminder that life is full of love and joy!
Heart Shaped Potato Chip Mary Schwandt

“The pure beauty of LOVE is contained within simplicity. If you look back over the course of your life you will always find this truth.”

~Molly Friedenfeld

If you have a heart-shaped photo and story to contribute to the spreading love and light across the four corners of the earth movement. I’d love to hear from you. Please email, comment on this blog, or contact me through Facebook. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

You can find more about grounding your life in love in The Book of Simple Human Truths by Molly Friedenfeld.

Check out the Heart Shapes and Wisdom of the Heart Pinterest Page too! 

Please feel free to share this post on Twitter, Facebook or any social media site. The more hearts  connected the better!
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