The Importance of Light

Project Ellen DeGeneres – Believe With Me – Day Forty-Nine… Spreading Love, The Importance of Light, and Being on Ellen’s show too!

Today’s message: The Importance of Light
I’m sitting at a restaurant writing the blog post for today. A large storm raged through the area where I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota three days ago, toppling trees and power lines. Last I heard over 150,000 people are without electricity.
     I believe in my heart, even in light of this unexpected situation, whether something is viewed as goodCandle light flame glow Friedenfeld or bad, it is still good. Let me explain… being without electricity helps me to value the importance of things I take for granted. One of them — light. I have been flipping switches on in my house reflexively upon entering a room expecting immediate illumination only to realize, once again, this truth, I still have no power. And as darkness descends when the sun sets it helps me to value immensely when illumination is present. Darkness can be difficult. We find ourselves bumping into things we cannot see that would have been avoided with illumination. Illumination allows for clear sight. Clear sight can eliminate drama, fear, and pain because we are able to see all that is presented before us.

     People can also be Illuminators. These are the souls who “shine a light” on long-held beliefs, policies, patterns, societal “shoulds,” and illusions. They have the power to illuminate the truth with love, allowing others to remove their blinders, thus affording souls the option to turn within and find their own truth and inner voices. Illuminators are souls who light the path for other souls. These are the people that lend an ear, give a hand, and offer a shoulder to cry on. They teach instead of preach. They may touch the life of just one soul at a time, or they may light the path for many.

You can become an Illuminator. All you need to do is work on yourself first, then develop equal care and concern for fellow souls, blessing others by shining the light of pure truth from your heart for all to see.

Ellen DeGeneres as we all know lights up the world with her beautiful smile. Ellen DeGeneres is an Illuminator, and for that I am very grateful. Thank you Ellen for all that you do!
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