Project Ellen DeGeneres – Coming Home to Your Heart

Project Ellen DeGeneres – Believe With Me – Day Twenty-Four & Five…Spreading Kindness and Love Around the Globe and Being on Ellen’s show too!

Today’s message – Coming Home to Your Heart

The process of connecting and loving from our hearts feels wonderful and natural. We know we have opened the door to our hearts because we soon find ourselves hugging people more. We appreciate people and understand the value of each precious relationship we create along the way. And most importantly, we don’t want anyone to leave our presence without feeling loved. This heart connection, Pink and White peony Friedenfeldwhen locked in place, feels like coming home after a long trip: comfortable, warm, and grounding.

Signs you are living from your heart include:

  • Speaking with your hand over your heart
  • Finding that love becomes the new four-letter word in your vocabulary
  • Being drawn to heart-shaped objects
  • Cherishing quotes about love, love-themed music, and loved-based movies
  • More deeply appreciating inspirational stories, or finding yourself telling or creating stories of your own
  • Investing as much interest in other people as in yourself
  • Feeling compelled to perform more compassion-based Spiritual Samaritan acts on behalf of others, unconditionally
  • Hugging people more often and displaying affection freely and easily
  • Consciously checking your behavior and speech to make sure you stay in a Divine Relationship with people
  • Arriving at the knowledge that judging others prevents you from being a compassionate soul
  • Becoming more forgiving and caring

Here’s our Ellen DeGeneres kindness project we can do together for today:
Just as Ellen DeGeneresplaces her hand over her heart throughout her show, this is just one of the ways she sends love to others without even saying a word. Today, place your hand over your heart each time you speak to another soul and you may be pleasantly surprised to find how your words and actions carry the vibration of love and kindness.

“It is all for naught, if not for love.”

~Molly Friedenfeld 


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The reason for Project Ellen DeGeneres:

The things that make my heart sing are teaching people that simplicity doesn’t have to be HARD. Peace is simple. Joy is simple. Love is simple. Truth is simple.

So, here is my simple TRUTH. I really, really, really, really want to be on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and talk about spreading kindness, peace, joy, love and truth across the planet. Ellen’s show is the perfect platform to get this message out to the world. I love her humor. I love the JOY she so freely gives unconditionally to others. I love her energy. And, I love the light she shines from her heart like a beacon for all to see.

Will you please help me make my Project Ellen DeGeneres dream a reality?

Do you know someone famous, or even Ellen DeGeneres herself and are able to make that contact connection for me? ( I am open to the infinite possibilities, synchronicities, steps, and ideas you may have to assist me in attaining this dream of being on her show to talk about spreading Peace, Joy, Love, Truth and Kindness around the globe!)

I encourage you to comment on this blog and forward this blog post to friends and family. The more souls that connect with this vision the sooner we spread kindness around the globe with our friend Ellen 🙂

Please feel free to share this link about Project Ellen DeGeneres on your social media sites (Click on the icons below the post) to spread the word! Let’s have fun together!

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The Book of Simple Human Truths about spreading kindness around the globe at Seattle Book Company.

Check out the Violet True Heart Kindness Movement

Check out The Violet Wisdom Online Transformation Courses

All ideas comments, ideas or suggestions are valued :)

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