Project Ellen DeGeneres – Pray It Forward

Project Ellen DeGeneres – Pray with Me – Day Sixteen…Spreading Kindness and Prayer Around the Globe.

Today’s message – WWED (What Would Ellen Do?)  Pray… Pray It Forward.
Today we set aside this blog post for prayer. We ask the heavenly Angels to be with all the souls devastated by the aftermath of the Oklahoma tornado on Monday.

As stories of survival emerged from sites devastated Monday by the Oklahoma tornado, so did accounts of the heroic actions of teachers who risked their lives to save students from the deadly storm. The tornado struck direct blows on two elementary schools.

One survivor told KFOR-TV about how he worked to rescue a teacher stuck beneath a car that landed in the front hallway of one of the schools.

“I don’t know what that lady’s name is, but she had three little kids underneath her. Good job, teach,” he said, breaking into tears.

Sixth-grade teacher Rhonda Crosswhite never feared for her own life as she draped her body across six students inside a Plaza Towers Elementary School bathroom stall. Instead, she focused on providing what little comfort she could to the children beneath her.  (Story excerpt from the Today Show)

Speed Praying

Speed praying is the simple act of sending love, healing, and prayer for yourself or another on a moment’s notice.

  • Speed praying is a simple healing tool.
  • Speed praying is appropriate anywhere, at any time, and in any circumstance.
  • You can speed pray with many people at once using Facebook, Twitter, or texting.
  • Start a speed prayer group. When the need appears, you can send a message or prayer in moments to multiple recipients. It’s that simple. Put out an all-call to friends, family, and those you trust to speed pray for you to help you feel strongly connected during times of need.



Have faith in knowing that even if an event may end in the unexpected or untimely death of another, there is still a blessing for that soul and all souls involved when people come together with love and prayer.


Here’s our Ellen DeGeneres kindness project we can do together for today:


Do you want to find out more about Angels and Truth? Check out The Book of Simple Human Truths and  The Violet Wisdom Online Transformation Courses
The reason for Project Ellen DeGeneres:

The things that make my heart sing are teaching people that simplicity doesn’t have to be HARD. Peace is simple. Joy is simple. Love is simple. Truth is simple.

So, here is my simple TRUTH. I really, really, really, really want to be on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and talk about spreading kindness, peace, joy, love and truth across the planet. Ellen’s show is the perfect platform to get this message out to the world. I love her humor. I love the JOY she so freely gives unconditionally to others. I love her energy. And, I love the light she shines from her heart like a beacon for all to see.

Will you please help me make my Project Ellen DeGeneres dream a reality?

Do you know someone famous, or even Ellen DeGeneres herself and are able to make that contact connection for me? ( I am open to the infinite possibilities, synchronicities, steps, and ideas you may have to assist me in attaining this dream of being on her show to talk about spreading Peace, Joy, Love, Truth and Kindness around the globe!)

I encourage you to comment on this blog and forward this blog post to friends and family. The more souls that connect with this vision the sooner we spread kindness around the globe with our friend Ellen 🙂

Please feel free to share this link about Project Ellen DeGeneres on your social media sites (Click on the icons below the post) to spread the word! Let’s have fun together!

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Check out the Violet True Heart Kindness Movement

Check out The Violet Wisdom Online Transformation Courses

All ideas comments, ideas or suggestions are valued :)

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One thought on “Project Ellen DeGeneres – Pray It Forward

  1. M&K Lee says:

    This is very sweet of you Molly. Very lovely to send such wonderful energy and prayers their way. J

    Love and hugs,


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