Project Ellen DeGeneres – Smile

Project Ellen DeGeneres – BELIEVE with Me – Day Twelve!…Spreading Kindness  and Smiles Around the Globe and being on Ellen’s show too!

Today’s message – Smile
Smile Cheerios billboard
Don’t you just love Ellen Degeneres’ smile? Each time you see it, doesn’t it make you feel better, happier, more joyful? I believe a smile is like a ray of sunshine that emanates light and that light when it lands upon another soul instantly fills the heart with feelings of warmth – love.
I once had a real estate client named Jenna. She worked in downtown Minneapolis and had such a great attitude. We liked to share positive life stories as we drove around together looking for that perfect house. One day she said, “Molly, do you know what I do when I walk through the skyway system on my way to work?” I replied, “No. What do you do?” She said, “I smile at people. I don’t say anything, I just give them a big smile as I pass by my fellow human.” I questioned, “What do people do in return?” She responded, “Some look very confused. I can tell that in their heads they are thinking, is she smiling at me? Why is she smiling at me?” She went on, “I can tell that for some people, it really touches their hearts. My simple smile makes them feel good, and it makes me feel good. That’s precisely why I do it.”

Bringing joy to another unconditionally makes our hearts sing and our souls sing louder!

There are many things joy can accomplish:

  • Joy creates more joy.
  • Joy builds within us as we continue to work on ourselves.
  • Your joy can be the impetus that motivates others to find their way to joy.
  • Joy allows you to feel and acknowledge all things wonderful while you are on your journey.


“Positive change is inspired through the demonstration of kindness and the connection of the sacred heart.”

~Molly Friedenfeld


Here’s our Ellen DeGeneres kindness project we can do together for today:

Smile at someone. Anyone. Just because. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
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The reason for Project Ellen DeGeneres:

The things that make my heart sing are teaching people that simplicity doesn’t have to be HARD. Peace is simple. Joy is simple. Love is simple. Truth is simple.

So, here is my simple TRUTH. I really, really, really, really want to be on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and talk about spreading kindness, peace, joy, love and truth across the planet. Ellen’s show is the perfect platform to get this message out to the world. I love her humor. I love the JOY she so freely gives unconditionally to others. I love her energy. And, I love the light she shines from her heart like a beacon for all to see.

Will you please help me make my Project Ellen DeGeneres dream a reality?

Do you know someone famous, or even Ellen DeGeneres herself and are able to make that contact connection for me? ( I am open to the infinite possibilities, synchronicities, steps, and ideas you may have to assist me in attaining this dream of being on her show to talk about spreading Peace, Joy, Love, Truth and Kindness around the globe!)

I encourage you to comment on this blog and forward this blog post to friends and family. The more souls that connect with this vision the sooner we spread kindness around the globe with our friend Ellen 🙂

Please feel free to share this link about Project Ellen DeGeneres on your social media sites (Click on the icons below the post) to spread the word! Let’s have fun together!

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