Project Ellen DeGeneres – Ground Your Life and Your Projects in Love

Project Ellen DeGeneres – BELIEVE with Me – Day Nine!…Spreading Kindness Around the Globe and appearing on The Ellen Show.

Today’s Message – Ground Your Life and Your Projects in Love
Heart-at-park-with-hailey crop
I spent the day with my granddaughter Hailey yesterday. It is always a blessing to be able to spend the afternoon with an earthly Angel. Hailey, as I like to affectionately call her, is my little “magic magnet.” Whenever I spend time with her, magical and lovely things occur. It’s just something I have come to know and yesterday was no different. You see Hailey is a pro at shining the light of love and joy from her heart for all to see. Because she flows out love and joy so freely she also receives love and joy in return quite efficiently and easily.
Let me explain. It was a beautiful spring day yesterday and Hailey suggested a nature walk behind our house. I happily obliged. We were on our walk for just a minute or two when I said, “I have an idea. Let’s look for heart rocks today.” Hailey replied, “That’s a great idea!” Within 2 minutes of that exchange my little magic magnet looked down to find these two rocks right next to each other on the path. Hailey exclaimed with joy in her heart, “How about these rocks, Grandma? Aren’t they perfect?”
Here is another example of finding heart-shaped love with Hailey. This delicate “heart sticker” was on the ground in the wood chips by the swing at the playground two weeks earlier.Heart at park with Hailey
Ellen DeGeneres is adept at the same beautiful skill of shining love and joy from her heart for all to see and thus she receives a lot of love and joy from all her faithful followers in return. This is how fabulous and simple sharing love and joy can be. The more love and joy you give. The more love and joy you receive.
Here are some easy tips to ground your life and projects in love:
  • Form a Divine Partnership with your Angels and Guides. Call on them to help you manifest the perfect heart-shaped anything!
  • Put out the intention from your heart that you want to see love, experience love, give love and receive love.
  • Then all you have to do is be on the look out for love in all shapes, sizes and forms and you will be amazed at all the perfect, synchronistically placed heart-shaped rocks, buttons, stickers, pictures, candy, or even tattoos! Have fun! Anything you can imagine that is heart-shaped you may find as soon as you ask for assistance from your Angels.

Once you find heart rocks or items that have special meaning to you, plant them around your home, office, or car. Any thing you do that is grounded in the intention of pure love and joy will produce strong roots for steady growth and a stable life journey.

“When two hearts unite, anything is possible.”

~Molly Friedenfeld

Here’s our kindness project we can do together for today:
Ask your Angels to connect with Ellen DeGeneres’ Angels and let her know how much Molly Friedenfeld would LOVE to be on her show to talk about spreading joy, love and kindness across the planet. That’s how easy it is! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
The reason for Project Ellen DeGeneres:

The things that make my heart sing are teaching people that simplicity doesn’t have to be HARD. Peace is simple. Joy is simple. Love is simple. Truth is simple.

So, here is my simple TRUTH. I really, really, really, really want to be on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and talk about spreading kindness, peace, joy, love and truth across the planet. Ellen’s show is the perfect platform to get this message out to the world. I love her humor. I love the JOY she so freely gives unconditionally to others. I love her energy. And, I love the light she shines from her heart like a beacon for all to see.

Will you please help me make my Project Ellen DeGeneres dream a reality?

Do you know someone famous, or even Ellen herself and are able to make that contact connection for me? ( I am open to the infinite possibilities, steps, and ideas you may have to assist me in attaining this dream of being on her show to talk about spreading Peace, Joy, Love, Truth and Kindness around the globe!)

I encourage you to comment on this blog and forward this blog post to friends and family. The more souls that connect with this vision the sooner we spread kindness around the globe with Ellen.

Please feel free to share this link about Project Ellen DeGeneres on your social media sites (Click on the icons below the post) to spread the word! Let’s have fun together!

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All ideas comments, ideas or suggestions are valued :)

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