Project Ellen DeGeneres – Tapping Into Past Memories

Project Ellen DeGeneres – BELIEVE with Me – Day Seven!…Spreading Kindness Around the Globe.


Today’s message: Tapping Into Past Memories


Today, let’s talk about Jazz Hands. That’s right. Jazz hands. I chose this particular picture today of my dear Ellen DeGeneres with a tambourine because tambourines and jazz go very well together. In fact, they go hand in hand wouldn’t you agree?

I have had some wonderful blog post follower comments over the past couple of days. One friend and follower Eileen C. asked me specifically how I plan on dancing when I come out on stage with Ellen DeGeneres in my vision of being on her show. And as I pondered that very important question I tapped into a past memory from my childhood.

Let’s go back in time for a moment of reflection. Reflection allows us to look back in time so we can connect the dots between specific memories to reveal the purpose and meaning behind synchronistic events. Reflection is a good thing. It is through reflection that we can view both the things we did right and the things we did wrong. In a place of reflection, we can process information, which allows us to learn and grow spiritually. The specific point you are reflecting on is what I call in The Book of Simple Human Truths a time fragment.

So let’s reflect back to a time fragment of when I was six years old, living in Robbinsdale, Minnesota, and attending a local dance studio called Loreli Dance.  This particular dance studio loved tap dancing and they loved jazz hands. In fact, they loved jazz hands so much that it really is, as I recall, the only thing I mastered over the course of the year’s worth of dance lessons. If someone were to have asked my mother and father how my recital went that year, I believe they would have said, “Her heart just wasn’t into tapping but she sure had the jazz hands move mastered.”


Here’s our visualization project we can do together for today:
Please visualize me, Molly Friedenfeld, on The Ellen DeGeneres show by imagining me coming out on stage with my eyes open really wide like Liza Minelli in the movie Caberet, and see me doing the best jazz hands you have ever seen! It’s that simple! That’s it for today! Thank you , thank you, thank you!
The reason for Project Ellen DeGeneres:

The things that make my heart sing are teaching people that simplicity doesn’t have to be HARD. Peace is simple. Joy is simple. Love is simple. Truth is simple.

So, here is my simple TRUTH. I really, really, really, really want to be on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and talk about spreading kindness, peace, joy, love and truth across the planet. Ellen’s show is the perfect platform to get this message out to the world. I love her humor. I love the JOY she so freely gives unconditionally to others. I love her energy. And, I love the light she shines from her heart like a beacon for all to see.

Will you please help me make my Project Ellen DeGeneres dream a reality?

Do you know someone famous, or even Ellen herself and are able to make that contact connection for me? ( I am open to the infinite possibilities, steps, and ideas you may have to assist me in attaining this dream of being on her show to talk about spreading Peace, Joy, Love, Truth and Kindness around the globe!)

I encourage you to comment on this blog and forward this blog post to friends and family. The more souls that connect with this vision the sooner we spread kindness around the globe with Ellen.

Please feel free to share this link about Project Ellen DeGeneres on your social media sites (Click on the icons below the post) to spread the word! Let’s have fun together!

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