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My 7-year-old granddaughter Hailey slept over at my house last summer.  One night as I was getting her ready for bed she said, “Grandma, did you know I’m here to love everyone, spread joy and help people forgive each other?  She went onto say, “You know forgiveness is really, really easy with the help of Angels and Fairies,  I call it fairygiveness.”

When I heard those words spoken from her heart I thought, that is absolutely true.  Forgiveness (fairygiveness) is easy if you allow its entrance through your heart and not your head.  Heart centered forgiveness ensures purity and truth is in its release.  Asking your heavenly Angels to assist you makes forgiveness easy and pure.

You will know forgiveness is powerful if you think back to a time when you may have lied to someone or hurt another person and you through the power of reflection feel in your heart how grateful you were for the forgiveness that you were granted.  Giving that gift of truth and forgiveness to another in return brings in compassion, blessings and an immediate flowing of love and release which helps you move forward past any wounds so you can have a beautiful tomorrow.

~Molly Friedenfeld

Violet Wisdom Inspiration Radio


~The Book of Simple Human Truths~

by Molly Friedenfeld

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Tune in as Molly Friedenfeld of the Violet Wisdom Inspiration Radio Show speaks with talented healers, teachers, guides and psychics on a wide range of spirituality topics – Angel communication, Angel healing, psychic phenonmena, character building and finding your life purpose.  We are all connected.  We are all one.  Tune in to find out more!

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Guest:  Cynthia Shepherd

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