Revealing Your Soul’s Mission – Soul Searching

Tune in as Molly Friedenfeld host of the Violet Wisdom Inspiration Radio Show talks with Kellie Haehnel of The Spirit Wellness Center about the soul searching process on this week’s radio program called Revealing Your Soul’s Mission – Soul Searching. We all have a mission.  We all have a purpose, but how do we find out what that is?

We will discuss:

*What is a Soul’s Mission or Soul’s Journey?

*How living a truthful life speeds up the soul searching process.

*How to fit the clues and pieces of the puzzle we are given from Divine through intuitive messages and psychic signs to help you reveal your life’s purpose or mission.

*Being responsible for our energy.


Steps to Finding Your Soul’s Mission

  • Identify what brings you passion and joy.  When we find the way soul’s delight, our heart’s passion and do it with joy in our heart abundance of every kind will flow in behind it.
  • Be aware of signs and clues from the Divine.  Clues from the Divine are “true” pieces of a puzzle to help you find your life’s purpose.  We are given clues, puzzle pieces and snippits, one piece at a time.  We are on a journey and journey’s are meant to be explored and enjoyed.
  • Life purpose clues are orchestrated and dispensed with Divine timing, nothing is revealed until you are ready to see.  Living a life of truth, helps you to see the clues placed before you at a much faster rate than your fellow human that may be living on the lie vibration.
  • When we find our own pure truth inner essence that is contained within each one of us, we spread this out in our world and we become the difference makers that change other soul’s lives for the better.  This is part of the mission for every soul’s journey on earth.
  • Find out what lights that fire in your belly and allow it to travel up to your heart space to reside.  Living from your heart space allows you to emanate love, joy and passion for life to others.  This love, joy and passion will be returned right back to you.  The more love, joy and passion you give, the more you will receive.  This raises your vibration and allows in more things spiritual.
  • Write down on paper 5 things, that if you were given the choice of doing anything in the world, what those things would be. (Find your passion and then begin to ask your Angels and Guides for clues and assistance).  Angels can not help you unless you ask for their permission.
  • Get out of your rational mind in order to allow all things spiritual to be seen and felt.


Tune in as Molly Friedenfeld host of the Violet Wisdom Inspiration Radio Show talks with Kellie Haehnel of The Spirit Wellness Center about the soul searching process to reveal our soul’s mission on our journey to find our life’s purpose.  

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Violet Wisdom Inspiration Radio Quote of the Week

“When your footsteps and thoughts carry you down the same path your heart and soul is directing you, this is when you know without a doubt, you are headed in the right direction and will create endless miracles in the lives of all those who cross your path while you are on your incredible journey.

~Molly Friedenfeld 


Violet Wisdom Message of the Week

FAITH says:

  • The spiritual things we may not be able to see and feel are just as real as the things that we can see.  God puts faith in place so we can believe in Him and all things spiritual without having it all placed right before us in physical form.
  • We may be facing difficult times, but the work we do today staying filled with faith will produce great things for our tomorrows.
  • Never give up the faith! Never let another, be the creator of our destiny.  We are powerful souls!  We can do anything we set your mind to!

~Molly Friedenfeld


Violet Wisdom Inspiration Radio was designed to to keep you motivated in your pursuit of finding your purpose for this lifetime and to leave you feeling inspired in becoming the best human and Spiritual Samaritan you can be!

Live truthfully, forgive freely and spread the love. 

Host:  Molly Friedenfeld

Guest:  Kellie Haehnel

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Molly Friedenfeld’s office: 612-384-7903

Kellie Haehnel Office :  612-804-4463

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