Eliminating Fear and Living With a Forgiving Heart

Tune in for this week’s Violet Wisdom Inspiration Radio Show program Eliminating Fear and Worry and Living With a Forgiving Heart as Molly Friedenfeld speaks with Intuitive and Law of Attraction expert, Catherine, for an entire hour devoted to releasing fear and worry from our lives so we can release the pain of our past to create a beautiful future.

Molly’s guest says, “Many of the things I have learned from performing readings for many of my clients, is many times the cause for their continued pain, fear, worry, anxiety and depression can be attributed to going back to the past hurt or traumatic event.  They hold on to what was, and what usually comes in as far as the message is how much they are holding on to it and how much they need to shift and let go.”  Catherine goes on to say, “Most of the negative energy surrounding fear, doubt, anxiety, resentment and emotional blocks that are holding them back comes through in the reading as the main obstacle holding them back from meeting a new person, having a new career opportunity, or attaining the life of their dreams.”  Birdie stated, “Having an unforgiving heart, is also a main obstacle.  People wonder and obsess over how long is it going to take for them to see the other person get their lesson and not caring about how they, themselves feel.  Instead they are hyper-focused on the things that the other person did that was wrong.  This is very difficult because it delays the time frame for them to be able to manifest the desire that they want.”


Archangel Uriel  (Archangel of forgiveness)    

Prayer for Forgiveness:

Archangel Uriel please come to me now and release me of all guilt and resentment and help me to forgive anyone I feel who has wronged me.  Help me forgive myself and not look back.  Please help me send people love and light and bless people on their way.


Archangel Uriel Tip for Forgiveness

“Don’t look back, you’re not going that way.”


Tune in as Molly Friedenfeld host of the Violet Wisdom Inspiration Radio Show speaks with  Law of Attraction expert, Catherine for an entire hour devoted to Eliminating Fear/Worry and Living With a Forgiving Heart.


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Violet Wisdom Message of the Week

Eliminating Fear and Worry

Fear and worry create black and grey clouds that hang around in your life’s sky. When we are fearful or worry about our children or other family members we are actually putting a dark cloud of doubt around our those we love most and sending them out into the world with our negative energy stuck to their bodies.  Instead of worrying say, “I love you.” “I have complete faith in you.”  Build your family members up.  Send them out in the door wrapped in a white bubble of confidence.

(If you don’t believe this, think back to a time when someone that loved you tried to hold you back from doing something you really wanted to do because of their fear or worry. You may have gone another direction, quit altogether or persevered, but it did affect the way you initially proceeded.)

Fear and worry can hold our family members and us back from experiencing all the wonderful things life has to offer. If you find yourself in a state of worry, stop, pause, think and question.

Releasing Fear and Worry Tip:

1. Stop: Stop and acknowledge when you notice the movement of the fearful or worried thoughts looping in your head.

2. Pause: Give yourself a moment of peace so you can switch gears in your mind and get back into correct alignment with peace and thoughts of confidence, joy and happiness.

3. Think/Question: Find your way back to the truth. Have the things you have been looping in your mind worrying about ever served a purpose for you or your family member for their highest good?

4. Act: BRUSH or SWEEP THE THOUGHT AWAY. When a fearful or thought of worry comes into your mind, don’t blow past it and don’t give it energy. BRUSH or SWEEP IT AWAY instead. As soon as you acknowledge the thought, go psssst, be gone, it is done and imagine taking a paint brush or broom in your mind and brush or sweep it away. (Important – this takes the energy out of the thought. It says I have no time for you. I only have time for happiness).

Lift up your loved one. Send them out the door with a happy heart. Give them an honest compliment. Tell them you have faith in them and BELIEVE they can do anything!


Violet Wisdom Inspiration Radio Quote of the Week

Growth is good and perfection is not expected…

“We all make mistakes. We are not perfect humans. We can make today our first day for positive change. Looking at each experience as a road to be traveled, a journey to be experienced and a life lesson to be learned can give us peace, which allows no room for regret and a rearview mirror.”

~Molly Friedenfeld


Live truthfully, forgive freely and spread the love. 

Host:  Molly Friedenfeld

Guest:  Birdie

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