Clearing Your Chakras and Auric Field

Tune in for this week’s Violet Wisdom Inspiration Radio Show program Energy Hour: Clearing Your Chakras and Auric Field as Molly Friedenfeld speaks with Jody Tschida.  Jody is an Energy Worker, Intuitive Healer and teacher.
In Jody Tschida’s practice she offers Chakra readings and Auric clearings in which she not only reads you energetically, but she also clears your blocks and imbalances. The answer for the questions you are seeking usually lies within a block in your energy system.  Whether it involves family, romance, finances or security.  When we clear our energetic blocks, we raise our vibration and allow the things we want to flow to us.
We will discuss:
  • Clearing negative energy and memory trauma from our Auric field.
  • Explain the Chakra System – 7 main energy centers of the body.
  • Give you tips to assist you in keeping your energy centers balanced.
  • Explain why energy blocks and imbalances occur.
  • Why releasing stress and anxiety is vital to staying healthy and disease free.
The Seven Layer Auric Body System
(Spiritual plane)
7 – Ketheric body (mental aspect)
6 – Celestial body (emotional aspect)
5  – Etheric template (physical aspect)
(Astral plane)
4 – Astral body
(Physical plane)
3 – Mental body (lower mental aspect)
2 – Emotional body (lower emotional aspect)
1 – Etheric body (lower etheric aspect)
Chakra System (7 main energy centers of the body)
7 – Crown Chakra (location top of head)
“I am,” “I understand”
6 – Third Eye Chakra (location in the center of the forehead)
 “I know,” “I think”
5 – Throat Chakra (location in the center of the throat)
“I speak,” “I express”
4 – Heart Chakra (location in the center of the chest)
“I love”
3 – Solar Plexus Chakra (location in the area above the naval)
“I can,”  “I do”
2 – Sacral Chakra (location in the lower abdomen, genitals, womb)
 “I feel,” “I want”
1 – Root Chakra (location at the base of the spine)
  “I am”

Tune in as Molly Friedenfeld host of the Violet Wisdom Inspiration Radio Show speaks with Energy Worker and Intuitive Healer, Jody Tschida for an entire hour devoted to energy and the Auric field.

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 Violet Wisdom Quote of the week:

TRUTH is always light, and airy and clean,
it’s foundation is simple and never mean.

TRUTH says, “I want to figure this out and learn and grow,”
life isn’t about materials things and the big show.

TRUTH says, “Leave your ego at the door,
you begin living with equal care and concern for others instead of keeping score.

TRUTH says, “This life is not meant to be endured, but enjoyed so have fun,”
it helps you to understand, to love them all, for we are all ONE.

TRUTH serves a great purpose for all that want to see,
it will help reveal your life purpose so you know what your soul wants you to be.

The essence of TRUTH is love and light,
it outs the darkness and negative and gives you pure sight.

When you decide to live in the TRUTH something that pops in your head as a simple notion,
becomes brilliant and Divine guidance that sets everything right and in motion.

TRUTH is pure, honorable, loving and bright,
it allows you to lay your head down each evening and say, “Today, I got a lot of things right.”

~Molly Friedenfeld

Live in the truth and you will not be easily deceived and you will not deceive others, this is God’s plan for us all. -Let Peace and Love reign in your world-

Violet Wisdom Inspiration Radio was designed to to keep you motivated in your pursuit of finding your purpose for this lifetime and to leave you feeling inspired in becoming the best human and Spiritual Samaritan you can be!

Live truthfully, forgive freely and spread the love. 

Host:  Molly Friedenfeld

Guest:  Jody Tschida

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