The Ancient Practice of Reiki Energy Healing

Tune in as Molly Friedenfeld host of the Violet Wisdom Inspiration Radio Show talks with Kellie Haehnel about Reiki Energy Healing.  We will discuss:

  • The ancient practice of Reiki energy healing.
  • What is a Soul Mentor Reading?
  • What is a Medical Intuitive?
  • How to strengthen our bodies and minds through Reiki practices.

Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing art which channels universal life energy through the hands of the practitioner into the body of the receiver.  Kellie equates Reiki like a toaster.  The client is the toaster, God/the Universal Life Energy is the outlet and the practitioner is the electric cord; the conduit for the energy.  Reiki is not religious.  Reiki is totally nondenominational.  Reiki provides a means for spiritual growth no matter what your spiritual back ground is.

  • Reiki brings, freedom, enlightenment, peaceful living, forgiveness, kindness and calmness.
  • Reiki takes you to a safe place.
  • Reiki takes you to the truth.
  • Reiki takes you home.
Reiki allows us to to clean out old emotions and emotional baggage that no longer serves us.  It’s like cleaning your house.  When you clean up those old emotions it allows space for new wonderful things to replace the old energy with new productive, healthy and loving energy.  Reiki is a process that releases emotional blockages that occur as a result of holding onto this baggage.  Reiki allows you to peel back the layers of your onion.  One layer at a time to reveal your authentic self and give you peace, wisdom and love you thought never possible.
Reiki Principles:
Just for today, I will not be angry.
Just for today, I will not worry.
Just for today, I will be grateful.
Just for today, I will do my work honestly.
Just for today, I will be kind to every living thing.
Healing Essential Oils Commonly Used in Reiki Energy Healing:
Kellie’s Walking Meditation:
Breathing in deeply centers our bodies and allows us to ground to the earth. Deep breathing prevents shallow breathing and keeps you out of the flight or fight fear mode.
You can be in a meditative mode while you are doing dishes, the laundry, yard work  or taking a walk.  Meditation is about being in the moment.  Walking through nature is rejuvenating.  As you walk, feel each footstep this brings you into the moment because it helps you feel your body intentionally move.  As you walk you become more aware.  You will then become aware of the birds, the trees, the colors and the sounds of nature.  It sets your intention and releases the stress and the energies of the day.  With each step of your walk you become more grounded and more focused.
Walking Meditation:
Take your thumb and forefinger, pinch them together.
As you begin with the forefinger, breathe slowly in and out and say – “Peace.”
Move to the middle finger, breathe slowly in and out and say – “Calm.”
Move to the ring finger, breathe slowly in and out and say – “Intuition.”
Move to the pinky finger, breathe slowly in and out and say – “Vitality.”
As you walk, breathe through these words and you will notice your body, coming into the motion and the vibration of the nature and your walk will be relaxing, energized and feel uplifted.
Q:  Who can benefit from Reiki?
A:  Adults, children and all animals – cats, dogs, birds, horses etc.

Tune in as Molly Friedenfeld host of the Violet Wisdom Inspiration Radio Show speaks with Reiki Master and Level III Medical Intuitive, Kellie Haehnel of The Spirit Wellness Center.

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