Angelic Impressions and Personal Angel Messages

Molly Friedenfeld of Violet Wisdom Radio spoke with Angel artist Paulette Salo.  Here is what she had to say…

Angels come through in drawings and channeled messages to deliver important messages that are uniquely designed for that specific time in your life.  Angels are creative and fun.  They know exactly what specific message you need to hear at that moment.  Angels know humans need proof and something to hold onto after a spiritual encounter in order to make the experience real and get us out of our logical minds. The Angel drawing keeps your connection strong after your initial encounter.

  • No message is ever the same.  Each person’s message is completely different than another.  
  • Each person has their own Angels.
  • You must give your Angels permission to speak with you and help you.  All you have to do is start talking to them.  They are always here to help you!

Angels come through in drawings, paintings, channeled messages and readings to give you a specific message:

  • Spirituality
  • Your life mission or life purpose
  • Healing
  • Messages of hope, peace, joy, how to take care of yourself and feel unconditional love
  • Help you feel connected to Source

You are never left to wander alone.  Angels and God are always with you.

Angels want us all to know that love conquers everything!  Go to a place of love and stay in your heart to conquer fear, anxiety, despair, worry, anger, frustration – anything – love conquers it!

Angel Party Ideas:

Send in the Angels to draw on their incredible loving energy and inspirational messages for any occasion or occasions of new beginnings.

Bridal Showers
Baby Showers
Baby Baptism
Graduation Party
Going Away Party
Retirement Party

Violet Wisdom Inspiration Radio was designed to to keep you motivated in your pursuit of finding your purpose for this lifetime and to leave you feeling inspired in becoming the best human and Spiritual Samaritan you can be!

Live truthfully, forgive freely and spread the love. 


Host:  Molly Friedenfeld

Guest:  Paulette Salo

 Violet Wisdom website:


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